Friday, July 27, 2012

I've shopped again!

Yesterday I came home to find not one but two boxes waiting for me. I knew what one contained but not the others. If you're curious why not take a look....
I know its unbelievable that I ordered more tape but I gave away some of my last lot and what got me so tempted into buying more were some of the washi tapes that I saw for way more on Etsy and Modes4u so I decided to buy them. These are all from Angoo-Mart which I can highly recommend.
I really needed some lace style tape as so many of my letter sets have images of lace on as well as flowers of course. The other set I have the top one of and really wanted the rest so I couldn't resist when I saw these mini version.
I've never come across silk tapes before so I decided to try them out as they'll go with almost anything and then of course the washi tape that tempted me into buying in the first place. I'm really tempted to go back now and buy some more but I won't just yet. I'll wait a couple of months now before buying even more tape.
As soon as I saw these I fell in love and they only cost £9 for the whole lot which is why I decided to buy the complete set regardless of there being a piggy in it. I will probably give it away at some point on make my day, the rest I'm afraid are just too cute to part with. Of course they sell each one individually too. I'm already thinking I will need some Rilakkuma letter sets in order to use these tapes as I don't have all that many to be able to use these and my other ones, I guess its an excuse to buy some stationery, so watch this space!
I don't know what it is about elephants but they always tempt me into buying them. The stamp tape of course I had to have and have already used a fair bit of it anyway and teddies always come in handy. The sweetie rubbers were a free gift. My niece wanted me to open them to eat!

I'm so pleased with my mini purchase this time too. I now need to write even more letters in order to be able to use them.
I will be showing some more of my delights tomorrow.
 Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, I have all my new "Toys" to play with! I love your tape too...I love getting parcels, period!

    Can't wait to get stuck in...and I'm collecting lollypop sticks too. They remind me of those Chinese sticks that I had as a child. You used to shake them until one fell out, and that would be your challenge...hummm, I wonder where they are, I know I still have them.....

    1. I have way too many toys to play with so I should really get a move on and do something with them. I know what you mean about parcels as I get way to giddy when I see one even if I've bought it myself.

      I haven't come across those chinese sticks, I'm so curious now. What kind of lollipop sticks are you collecting.


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