Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Today!!

It's not today but I love this stamp #birthday #rubberstamp
I aren't doing anything exciting for the day which is nothing new as its like any other day for me but with presents. We do usually get a take away and someone turns up with a cake but this year neither will happen due to fasting. The take away won't be worth it with only being able to eat a small amount and the cake will just have a quarter taken out of it and then left to be moved from A to B then eventually thrown in the bin (my chocolate boxes are still sat closed would you believe!). I said we'll do something after fasting has ended as its also my wedding anniversary whilst fasting too. Next year will be the same but probably the year after won't... we'll have to see!
Letter#stamp #postmark #holland#stamp #train #postmark #germany#stamp #england #olympics
First the packages and cards arrived. I never imagined that I'd receive so many as I don't send things to all friends anymore and I keep telling myself I need to stop completely as I can't do things in small doses which isn't fair on my friends.
The friend who sent me these knows that I love altering things as she's sent me boxes and other such bits and pieces in the past. She always spoils me so much with what she sends. I already had so many ideas of what I was going to do when I came online to find a lovely e-mail from her and a link to explain my present to me. I have to share it with you as it may encourage you to buy some to try but remember you need to put your tea light candles inside a glass jar first in order not to burn the bag. Here's the link. Its now another project I can add to my list.
I absolutely love Morning Glory characters and prints but its so hard to come by Korean stationery these days. It was hard when I first became aware of Morning Glory but there were still bits and pieces that you could find but now its like they have disappeared off the face of the earth. So when this friend wrote to me on some Blue Bear paper I told her I was glad she did as I love it. So imagine my surprise when I opened this present and there was a pad for me. Its going to take me a long time to use this one as I won't want to part with it. She also matched the pen colours with it as I usually write in the colours that I can see on the paper but for some time I've stopped doing that as I can't seem to find the right pens anymore as I can only write with fine ones. If she'd stopped at this I would have felt spoilt but she went even further and sent me a tape and note cards which I'll use for make my day notes.
This one was wrapped but its the first thing I opened as it was on the top and realised I wanted to photograph everything. Its a really cute bag and wallet, you can never have too many bags right?  I love these little dolls and its such a cute print.
This arrived in the second box with my tapes. It was a super spoiling box as I got a letter and lots of brochures for a place my friend is staying in at the moment. I loved looking at everything and can't wait to use some of the things. So you can see a notebook,  pen, pen topper, pencil case/make up bag, a self control keyring (I really need that as I can only stay patient for so long), a badge, a book light which I can attach to my kindle cover so I can now read when its dark, a butterfly glow lights and a pig rubber and pencil.
Last of all plenty of cards from everyone. I haven't photographed all of them so please don't be upset if yours isn't there. My niece told me the blue pen closest the spine is my name, the blue blob is an apple. She told me off the other day for making a green apple when apples are red, I asked about her blue one which she suddenly looked upset about... oops! You've also got the sunshine at the top (she usually draws faces in them) and her name along the bottom... I can't believe she's growing up so quickly as she's 3 already. Its weird to think she'll be reading and writing soon as she's already drawing cute little people.

This isn't the last of my birthday post. You'll have to come back to see the rest tomorrow as it would end up too photo heavy otherwise.

Thank you so much my dear friends for such wonderful gifts.
Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Hope you have a really great Birthday!

    Oh, I just love goodies. I take off all the attachments from Greetings cards to use on something else. Bits of ribbon and jewels can come in handy for another project, then I recycle them, or keep them, depending on how much they mean to me.

    Have a really good week-end! ;)

    1. Thanks Meghan

      These goodies are great and so well thought out. I can't wait to use them. I normally keep cards from friends with their letters but with Christmas cards I used to re-use them or take them to work for the children to use.

      Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. happy happy birthday!!!!

  3. What lovely cards and gifts! I hope you had a very happy birthday :)

  4. Are you a LEO just like me? Happy Birthday :)

    1. I am a Leo, I was actually going to write that there seem to be so many bloggy people with birthdays in July but then never did it. Most blogs I've been to have posted something about it.

  5. But it's not my birthday:( oh it's your Hope you had a great day and really had the cards and the stationery......lucky you

    1. Oh no! You can share in mine then it will mean that I'm 30 and a half... sounds quite nice actually! Thanks for the wonderful wishes.

  6. Oh, happy birthday there! :)

  7. Happy belated birthday dear Bubbles! May your mailbox keep bursting with happiness and may you have a wonderful year ahead! Sorry for the late wishes! :)

  8. Thanks Bree but you didn't know so don't apologise. Its the thought that counts anyway :)


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