Thursday, July 26, 2012

Right Now....

I've decided every Thursday to post these journal prompts that I received. I wanted to create a journal with them but some only require a short sentence so I decided it would be easir to just create a simple blog post with it.

1. Full: I actually feel sick after eating today. Its the downside to not eating or drinking since about 2.30am this morning until 9.30pm. I am suffering from feeling thirsty so I ended up drinking way too much when I can in order not to get headaches.

2. Disappointed: As I mentioned theres a chance I could be buying a house. The estate agents have driven me insane demanding paperwork etc... as I think they were hoping I would slip up on something so they wouldn't have to give me the house but that hasn't been the case. I knew they were messing me around as they haven't accepted any of the offers I've given them yet demanded paperwork which was confusing my mortgage advisor too, in the end they've refused to give me the house with no real reason but said they may get in touch in a week.

3. Relaxed: As everything is done and dusted and I can spend a little time writing this post.

Why don't you play along too

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