Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bursting with Excitement

#thankyou #card #stamp #postage #bonsaitreeLove this card that I received today
Do you ever have those moments where you can't wait to do something and your going to burst with excitement?

  1. When I come home and there is a letter waiting I can't wait to sit down with a drink and see what's inside. Today I received this envelope and the card inside is really nice and quite different to what I have had before.
  2. With letters comes great packages too, whether its something a friend has sent or something I have bought there is still that excitement of rummaging through and seeing exactly what you have.
  3. Something new,  as it has such a lovely feel and smell to it.
  4. Something old. Usually with footwear I can't always wear out mine due to the weather not being appropriate so its like discovering a treasure trove all over again of my fabulous collection when I do get the chance. With clothes I don't have many so wear them all which is why they don't look their best.
  5. Re-discovering childhood favourites, whether its a movie, a sweet or something else. It feels like being a kid all over again.
  6. Seeing an advert for a house that I'd love to view and hoping just hoping that this one might be mine.
  7. When I had the author of a book review I posted actually stop by to comment on it. That was really something! :)
  8. Looking at craft and stationery items, I just love looking at new ranges and discovering new places to shop from.
What things make your burst with excitement sometimes?


  1. a new book, a new song i like, getting good snail mail instead of bills


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