Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Karl Pilkington ~An Idiot Abroad~

Read: On Kindle
Paid: 20p
Reason I choose it: I've never watched or read anything of Ricky Gervais's but have always heard from people that he's really good so with him having a link to this book I decided to try it as after all its only 20p.

Karl Pilkington travels to the Wonders of the world...
Egypt~ Pyramids
Brazil~ Christ the Redeemer
 India~ Taj Mahal
 China~Great Wall of China
Mexico~Chichen Itza
Peru~Machu Picchu
In diary form he tells you about his daily events, finds and gripes.

My Opinion
I read this book on my way to Scarborough and back plus to the Sculpture Park and back so it was a fairly quick read considering there were times when I had to deal with the children. It was interesting to see the photos and at first it was interesting to read but then it got so wary and repetitive. All he seemed to do is complain about toilets, food, upset stomach and crappy accommodation. Plus you had really rubbish phone conversations with Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant.

I think this book should have been called an Ignorant Twat Abroad as he is so damn lucky to have travelled to such un-usual places and have complete strangers open their doors to him and all he did was moan and act like a 3 year old. There are so many people who would have loved the experience and all for free too. His diet consisted of Twix and Monster Munch and he had the nerve to complain about the food in most countries he went to.

Like I said I first found this book interesting so came home and decided to look up the TV show, I had just sat to watch it when my younger brother came in and told me he was like a fake character... it actually felt so true as the whole thing seemed scripted, Ricky's laugh so fake, the lines Karl was reeling off are quite offensive and rude. The only nice thing about it was the scenery in the background, the sounds and the events as it was nice to see what people did in those countries which is why I watched 4 episodes. I honestly don't get what the fuss is about the 3 of them and will never watch any of their shows as I'm guessing they are poor comedians, as I didn't laugh at anything except when he had a bit of phlegm in his belly button.

The book and TV series are pretty much the same, only tiny bits are different but its not so obvious so you'd be better off looking it up on Youtube to watch.

My Rating


  1. sound like an interesting read

  2. Becca, watch it instead as like I said the book only small details that are different. Plus with the TV version you get all the visual side of things that aren't so well described in the book or he's missed to mention again small things. Its just he's such a lifeless/emotional soul.

  3. noted tv versionis better off to see if i can find it

    1. Just type up An Idiot Abroad it should come up.

  4. I love all things Ricky Gervais!! An Idiot Abroad is one of my favorite things he's done. I also enjoy his show "Life's Too Short." I picked up the book, "An Idiot Abroad" and only read bits and pieces. I just didn't get into it as much as the show. I just love Carl!

  5. As I mentioned this is the first I've seen or even heard of him to be honest. I just wasn't blown away by the whole thing and haven't been back to watch the rest of the shows. With it being a quick read though I think its nice to take on holiday or somewhere to keep you company as it soon whizzes by and you wonder what he'll complain about next.


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