Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Shopper.....

I wanted to go in to the city yesterday but with the downpour I really couldn't be bothered. In the end I decided to go today and the weather was great which made me realise I could have put my washing out but never did any.... sigh! Oh well I'll do it tonight and hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow.
New shoes #black #shoes
I really really needed some new shoes! I know I have plenty of footwear but that is open toe or open from the top which just isn't appropriate when its raining and cold. So I own one pair of boots which at this time of year I really don't want to wear and one flat pair which has worn out in exactly the same place on both shoes so were starting to get a hole in but also were letting rain in. I've been looking for weeks and couldn't find anything. The store I got these from were my last option and I almost didn't buy any as these said they were a size 7 but when I looked closely they looked too small so tried them on and they fit nicely so bought them. I went to this shop before and asked the assistant for a pair of shoes from their more expensive range as they have one out. She never bothered going to get it so after 15 minutes of waiting I left. Today a different lady was at the counter, she served somebody before me and then went away to start stacking shelves. I had to go and ask her to serve me, I probably would have left if it wasn't for the fact I needed the shoes. I just think how rude as she could clearly see I was waiting and kept looking over but the fact she walked off whilst I was stood there.... grrr....
Roald Dahl
I got another WHSmith Voucher which was to spend more then £10 on a book and get £5 off. I want the complete collection of Roald Dahl so it was an easy choose as that songs and verse one is £10.99. Then they also had the offer of buy one book and get another for half price so I bought the Revolting Rhymes as I loved that as a child. I can't wait to read both of them.
I've seen a lot of blogs taking part in the Keri Smith 100 ideas and it sounds like such fun that I decided I am going to take part but I want to do it journal form rather then blog form so that I can look at it over time. I looked in a few shops which I know do great journals but most of them were spiral bound which I don't like as over time the pages start to tear. I was on my way back to the car when I decided to try one last shop and came across this notebook. I was so pleased as it was me to a T. Only thing is I came home, took off the plastic wrapper and realised that big ugly 250 pages text is printed on to the actual notebook! Why on earth would you do that? I just don't get it. Now I'm going to have to think of a fun and funky way to cover it up but I know, no matter what I do its going to look weird. I can't wait to get started though.
Hello kittyHello kitty inside
I aren't a huge fan of Hello Kitty, I just don't know what it is about her that I don't really like. Lately though I've seen a few designs that I quite like, like the folder I bought and now this notebook. I then went to another shop and saw one where Hello Kitty was blowing bubbles, I was so tempted to buy it but in the end I left it as I'd spent a fortune today as it was. I'm going to take the spiral out, trim the edge and use it to write letters on.
Little princess for my niece
These books are some that I've had for a couple of years now and my niece loves them. One day my older brother was downstairs watching TV in the time my niece and I get ready for school and work. I had sorted her out but she was moaning about something so I told my brother to let her watch something whilst I sorted myself out, he ended up putting it on Channel 5 where the Mr Men were on. Since then we've gone from watching CBeebies (which had nothing worth watching since they took off Koala brother, Pingu and changed Postman Pat to his Special Delivery) to watching Channel 5 which has on Little Princess, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom and Mr Men and Little Miss which she loves every single one of. I saw the ball today and decided to buy it even though she has a Disney Princess one similar as well as the hair stuff for her. I wanted the clear elastic one because I want to try out some fancy hair styles.
Posters that I bought
Lastly I bought these Posters which I saw a while ago at Waterstones. I'm not sure though if the map is dirty or if its just part of the oldish look of it. You will see both appear as my background for photos a lot now.

There was only one last thing I really really wanted to buy, it was some bottle with corks in that were so pretty but as I've banned myself from buying anything for a house, I had to sadly walk away. I've told my husband to book an appointment to see a house tomorrow so who knows what that one will be like.

Whilst in Waterstones I went on a book walk. I do it more often now that I have my iphone as I use the notes to write books that sound interesting to look up on amazon. Usually they are expensive but I save them in my favourites as the prices always drop.
Secret garden frontSecret garden back
This is the nicest book I have ever come across. The cover is all textured and feels so nice. The pages are handmade style paper with a rough edge around each page. I might have considered looking it up on the internet for a cheaper price if it wasn't for the fact that I've read the book on my kindle and didn't enjoy it as much as the film. So its not worth it which is a shame.
The 100 word that make the EnglishKerri smith How to be an explorer of the worldillustrated Children's bookTypography
These books were also interesting but of course I didn't get any of them. Those shoes are now in the bin, I always feel sad throwing things away but they were no longer useful.

How has your weekend been?


  1. love the books and my weekend was busy Saturday and rainy Sunday

    1. Its nice when the weekends busy as it feels like you've done something with it but its then nice to have a relaxing weekday which doesn't always work out that way.

  2. LOL, there go my Roald Dahl poems then! {I've just posted one}
    I'm the same with shoes, boots, sandals or any other footwear. Not living anywhere near any city or town has it's drawbacks...I have to use my lap-top for just about everything.
    I bought that set of books for my niece a couple of years ago, along with another set called "Don't Put You Finger in the Jelly, Nelly",in which you had to put your finger in the hole on each page, which was a load of fun, by Nick Sharratt, yet again by post from The Book People.
    It rained again this afternoon. WE were at a Christening this morning, but the rain held off until this afternoon...more to come though. {sigh} Whoever called this "Flaming June"?

    1. No! I'll still enjoy it as I can never get enough of Roald Dahl. I don't think its matters where you live. Bradford is supposedly the 5th/6th largest city and we hardly have any stores. Its such a struggle to buy things but thankfully I wear traditional Pakistani clothes so its only everything else I have to worry about.

      I love the book people. I have an account with the website but have never used it as I work in a school and they drop off books there. I have such a huge collection of books because of it as they sell whole sets at cheaper prices then big named shops. I actually got most of my collection of Roald Dahl books from there in a box set :).

      Its so depressing this weather but this sun is at least out this morning :)

  3. In wet weather I prefer to wear my joggers but sometimes I will wear my boots which often end up makeing me feet ache.........

    Some great books there I remember when my daugher loved Roald Dahl that was before she discovered Harry

    1. I would love to wear trainers but the problem is they just don't suit my style of clothing but also we aren't allowed to wear them at work including the children which I think is stupid as shoes aren't always comfortable or appropriate.

  4. Lovely, lovely books you got there. By the way, I sometimes used notebook papers to write letters to my pals too (esp. if I found ones that I like). Oh! And I love, love, love your idea of how you want to do the 'Keri Smith 100 ideas'! I want to steal it too XD So perhaps one day, you can show yours and I can show mine... just an idea. But I'm not as creative as you, so mine might be a bit... drab :)

    1. I love using notebooks because of the lines but I'm finding they hardly make any of them anymore with the tear line down it which is a shame. Thankfully I have a paper cutter which makes it easir.

      I don't mind sharing my journal but I don't know yet if it will be fancy or not :). It probably will take me some time to complete though with it being 100 things.

  5. You might try to cover that 250 pages thing up with real postage stamps. Let them look like they spread over the page so that you have them intense there and then they "fade out", so that one can still see stamps which already are on the book cover.
    I hope you are doing good!

    1. I haven't had a chance to sit down and do anything with it but that does sound like a really nice idea :)


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