Saturday, June 23, 2012

This week...

I just love the look of the sky this week
  • This week I thought we were in for another heatwave as I was able to wear my summer wear plus  the clouds were out. It didn't last long as it poured and poured some more that the children were unable to go out to play for 2 days!
  • I have not had any letters all this month and I feel really lost as I don't have anything to reply to. Still I've been really good and haven't taken on anymore friends as its tempting.
  • As I've mentioned a lot I've been creating a new project this month but its driving me insane and I wish I'd kept it more simple but you know me I can't do anything simple. I actually thought about blogging the photos I've taken so far of it but decided to wait as its not long until this month will be over.
  • My niece is in London with her parents as her mum needed to go for some work training. It feels really weird not having her here but its at least given me some time to myself. I would have loved to have gone out but its raining still and its so cold.
  • I saw a great idea on someone's blog to make your own washi tape. I would have linked the blog but that person seems to have made it private for now as it isn't on my blog list. The idea is that you use double sided tape, stick tissue paper on the side without the plastic (sticky side) and then decorate it anyway you like. I'm going to have to try it out even though I don't really have much use for it.
  • I've started a book and really need to get a move on to read it, for some reason I've ended up spending way to long on the internet during the week.
  • I finally have my blogger banner as you can see, I hope that you like it. I'm now waiting for my book rating (which I've seen and is even better then I'd described it) and my blog button too. I'll share all when everything appears.
  • Work has been super duper hectic and will continue to be, I hope I survive to see my birthday!
  • The children at work had a talent show and it really puts you in awe of how daring they are to stand up in front of so many people to do there things.... they were 4-11 year olds. I couldn't do it even now but then I can't sing, dance or do anything unique to stand up and do it anyway.
  • I've eaten way too many berries this month and will be disappointed when they are out of season again as I love using them for my cereal.
  • I need to stop looking at Etsy as I keep feeling the need to buy everything but haven't just yet.
How has your week been?


  1. I love your new blogger banner!! Did you create it yourself?

    1. Thanks Nina, I bought it from the same person I bought my burst of bubbles and make my day one from. I wouldn't know where to start with something like this even though I wish I did as I have so many ideas.

  2. Well since you have been over to my place you know I have been flat out like a lizard drinking the last few days but today will be a lot more relaxing after I finish blogging I will put my feet up and watch some telly.....

    It is bloody well freezing here today I had to have the heater on for a bit this morning.......

    1. It seems to be a mad week for everyone but for me the next couple of weeks at work will be bonkers too.

      The thing is it should be summer here now but its still like winter, it looks like we won't get a summer at all. Then again it will probably be so unbearably warm when we are fasting.

      I hope you have a good week.

  3. UGH, I am so fed-up with this weather...2 months of rain in 2 days and more to come. I thought Summer had arrived too, but unfortunately not. We even had our heating on today is is so cold!
    At least I can get things done...not sure if that is a good or bad thing though. I am prone to starting something and easily getting distracted!

    1. We've only had 2 weeks of a heatwave since January and then majority of the time its raining so I don't get the water ban at all. I've heard on the news of so many places flooding because of it.

      I know the feeling as there are too many things I want to do and end up moving on but have to come back to finish off what I'm doing.

  4. The banner is very cute! Also, I know what you mean about kids being so brave - my students do that too and i'm always in awe as well. I would be too scared to perform like they do on stage. It's so great for them to do though, such a confidence booster!


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