Friday, June 29, 2012

Project: Journal Prompt Lollipop stick swap

I promised to share my journal prompt swap with you and I'm so glad I did as it turned out to be amazing. Yesterday I arrived home to see this wonderful bubble wrap envelope....
Butterfly Envelope
I have never seen a decorated bubble wrap envelope before, I have plain brown ones myself and the others that I've seen are just plain white so it made it all that more exciting to receive this wonderful eye catching envelope. Plus I love butterflies!
Lollipop Journal Prompts Knitted Case
I picked the envelope up and was so anxious to open it as I could hear a crashing type noise and wondered if my partner had used a container that had broken. I actually didn't want to open it but I'm so glad I did as she sent me an envelope full of 'bling'! She told me she had always fancied sending bling to someone and I'm so glad it was me as these are all truely amazing and its just half of what you can see in the photo. I can't wait to craft with it all.

Still the bling wasn't the only attraction, oh my goodness that little pouch is the cutest thing I've ever come across. I've never had or bought anything knitted before so was completely blown away with this pouch. It's so well made and nice to touch that I'm already wondering how I'll use it after I complete my prompts.
Prompts and Knitted Case
The actually swap though was the all important Lollipop sticks which I can't wait to get writing to but I'll wait until my summer holidays in about 3 weeks to do that now. There are so many projects I want to do that I hope my days won't fly by.

After a month or so without any mail that I haven't bought I had received 3 letters and 1 deco the day before....
After a month of having no letters I received 4 pieces of mail todayOne of the things that I received was a full deco, it's travelled around for 6 yearsThis is the first time I had a letter from someone who doesn't know English so used an internet translating system
The last one is  a letter via sendsomething. I was really confused at first as to where it came from but thankfully the penny dropped as I was beginning to think it was one of the weirdest things I received. It was partly weird because the person had written the letter in a translator and converted it to English to send to me as she told me. What baffles me so much though is how will this person respond to my letter if they can't read/write English? I will of course send a postcard as soon as things calm down here.

I really dislike it that I get my mail all at once and then nothing for weeks as I always wonder at work if I'll finally get something etc...

I will post the last of my 30 day journal challenge here tomorrow instead of today as I really wanted to share this and couldn't wait. Also it will be the last of my projects that I post on this blog as like I mentioned the other day I'm going to turn my BurstsofBubbles blog into a project blog.

Have you had some good mail days?


  1. Oh waw, that pouch is indeed very cute! Looks so professionally made!

  2. That little pouch is so lovely I love it lucky you, it looks so cute I am a little jealous of you

    1. Aww, maybe you can have the chance one day to get your hands on something similar. I have asked the swap host that if she does this again I'm in so I'll let you know. I think you'd enjoy creating a journal too.

  3. I'm glad the letter with the Fanklin stamps arrived. I wish they'd just make all of the designs for the 3 different types of letters (Canadian, US, and International). Sigh...


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