Thursday, June 28, 2012


Used a new app to create the border
Things I'd love to collect
  • Stamps (aren't those just the lovest stamps, it just makes it so tempting to get an album to stick them all in).
  • Postcards~ I do have a collection but I'd love to do it on a regular basis, unfortunately I can't as they are just such a limited thing to buy here.
  • African figurines~I just love them, whether its an African carved person or animales (like a family of elephants, zebra's etc...). I don't do this though as the people are so inappropriate for my culture as people who came to my house would be horrified at a womens curvy bits. I can just admire them from far.
  • Loose stationery sheets~This is something I thought about way in my teens of keeping one sheet of every paper that I ever owned but the problem with that is that I want to have the paper to write on instead so that never happened and now I don't have the space.
  • Books ~I'd just love it but again it comes down to having space.
Have you ever had a collection or would like to have one?


  1. I collect books, books, books and more books. xD Oh, and notebooks/journals, too. I have a small collection of postcards, too. :)

  2. P.S. I thought of you when I was typing this post - :)

    1. I would love a whole wall full of books either read or ones to read but then I think of all the dust gathering... pff! I had a look at your blog and can't believe you bought it but I'm so happy that I was of some use for once :).

  3. what cool things to collect

    1. Glad you think so but I don't actually do them which is a shame.


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