Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's GREAT to have a Holiday!

Sometimes spoiling you on make my day means I get spoilt tooPart of what I bought with my £15, why is it when you give something away you suddenly need itUntitledAnother childhood favourite, sweet memories
Since Friday I have had the most energy sucking cold so far this year that left me just wanting to sleep... Did I do that though? No...I was determined as it was my holidays I was going to keep busy even though today is the first day I actually went out.

I decided as I had holidays it was best to go to the bank even if it meant queuing for 45minutes but that's the joys of going after a bank holiday. I got the above receipt last month when I bought something for make my day and decided to spend it as I found I needed some things.

Have you ever had things laying around in the hope that you'll find use for them but the minute you give them away or throw them out you suddenly find that you need it? Well that happened with me over stamps, I sent a whole load that were sitting in a box on my desk to someone on make my day, they must have been there for a year! Maybe 2 weeks ago I created something for make my day and wanted them but I had none available, I won't cut them off the corner of my letters so I was really quite stuck. Now I've bought these from the store and I feel really stupid for doing it but at least I'll have some available. The flower and fruit one has some amazing stamps in but the Great British one I was so annoyed about as its 95% Christmas stamps and even those are mostly completely covered in postmarks. I guess I'll have to think of some Christmas cards using them.

The folder is another thing. I had a purple one with lots of plastic wallets in from my college days, over 10 years ago. I got sick of it one day and took all the wallets to work and threw the folder out. Now I needed to put my Frisker Shape Templates in as I'm worried about them snapping but I had no folder to put them in. I've also had moments recently when the plastic wallets would have come in handy. I'm not a Hello Kitty fan but ever since I've seen this design I've really liked it but none of the items could be used by me in anyway until now. Despite having all these items I realised in the line that I didn't have enough to make up £15 so grabbed the chocolate bar which was the nearest thing. I've never had this one before and I got lucky it was suitable for vegetarians as I didn't have time to check.

The last photo is something that took me back to my childhood and I really wanted to buy but had no use for so decided I would get it for make my day but in the end its going to a friend.
These 2 grew up with me, I'm surprised I never saw them as a cartoonI miss watching this as I always wanted to live in Moon Valley
Another thing to take me back were these 2 books. Did you ever read Topsy and Tim? I used to love these 2 and they always had such fun adventure that I wished it was me. As for Moomin I think he was a much loved character for all. I always wished I lived in Moomin Valley with a house like his. It just looked like a magical place. Its a shame all has moved to Cable/Sky/Satellite you need the appropriate channels so children will miss out on all the great classics if their parents can't afford to buy those channels. Its really quite sad actually.
UntitledMaking lemon & strawberry sherbet packet mix buns with my nieceNow to make the icingFinished icing and sprinkling which was so hard to spread
Whilst I'd been out my sister had phoned to see if I wanted to go shopping, the answer of course was no, I'm already out... the funny thing is that I was her last resort as she had been out with a neighbour who had to rush off home so it made me even more glad that I wasn't home, she took my mum instead. I came home to find a box of cake mix that she had left so when she turned up  later and said she was staying until 4pm I decided to make the mix with my niece. I actually have this same box and a double (or triple) chocolate mix box too which I bought last week when we went shopping for rice krispies equipment.

It was so easy to make, my niece could easily mix it all but the pain of it all was the icing. My buns look really brown but the ones on the box are the same so I don't feel as bad. I will try and take them out a little earlier next time though. The lemon yellow one was my favourite.
Squirrel cardOwl card
I bought my sister a craft goody bag for her birthday and for weeks she wanted to buy some of her students good luck cards. Only nowhere really sells packs of cards anymore and buying single ones are usually over £1.50 each so in the end she decided to make her own and don't you think they look amazing. I couldn't believe she made them first as she doesn't do 'fussy cards', she always tells me to make sure I keep them simple. If I wasn't feeling so irritated by my craft supply organisation etc... I'd be tempted to buy a pack for me.
One of the things I love about a holiday is that I can be so productive!All taped up and ready to go
I'm also in the process of writing a letter, it maybe my last for this holiday as I have no more to reply to but mail has been slow for the last month or so as I haven't had anything. It doesn't bother me anymore though as it gives me time to do other things instead.

Its been so nice and it makes me realise what I love about holidays, just relaxing and being productive. I could easily give my job up to do my hobbies all day everyday!

This is only today but yesterday was just as picture heavy but I'll show you those another day.

Have you got any plans for the weekend?

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