Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm happiest when....

I'm happiest when I'm as inky as this

I'm happiest when.....
  • I have ink on my fingers whether its from crafting or writing a letter.
  • I receive a letter.
  • I think of crafty creations when I'm trying to sleep but can't. Still its best  if I do those in a holiday.
  • shopping for new and fun things to craft with or stationery.
  • things fall nicely in to place... food makes nicely, a letter is completed, a craft item looks better then I imagined or thought of.
  • I think of new things to blog about but its even better now that I can use mostly my own photos.
  • the sun is shinning but shame it doesn't do it often enough as our heatwave is something of the past and its rained non-stop since.
  • I have holidays.
  • when you open something new and it has that smell of ink and newness too it but still I love old things that are like a second skin.
  • the feel of carpet on bare feet.
  • my niece gives me a huge hug.
  • we create things together.
  • I discover new things.
  • finding a great book to read.
  • waking up without and alarm clock buzzing.
  • the sun shines in to your bedroom in the morning waking you up.
the list is endless but these are to name a few.

When are you happiest?


  1. I love to receive a letter and I love shopping for new stationery and of course I love the smell of new things.......but who doesn'

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone on that one then J0-Anne


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