Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Caroline Smailes ~Like Bees To Honey~

Read: On Kindle
Paid: 99p
Reason I choose it: It was part of one of the Amazon sales and the reviews were great so I bought it.

Nina had trusted her son Christopher to go to school and come back with a friend. Only one day the friends mum phones to say that the friend is ill and won't be going to school. She decides to go and meet him crossing the road but pretend that she was on an errand and was just passing. Christopher appears, she calls to him and he steps into the road in front of a car so is instantly killed.

Six years later its like an open wound, she has since had a daughter and abandons her and her husband to travel back to Malta to heal and rediscover herself. She is also one of those people that can see spirits which is mostly who she has around her, these include her mum, son and Jesus!

She also has some old ghosts to deal with in that when she left Malta to come to England, she had told her parents she would return to marry a Maltese man only some weeks in England she meets her husband, ends up pregnant so is disowned by her parents.

Will she eventually return back to her husband and daughter?

My Opinion
This is one of the worsts books that I've read. You are left as confused and disconnected as the character but it is also so dull.... I must really have read a completely different book to all those raving reviews on Amazon.

I also hated the way the author described sounds....

flip                 gulp                whir
   flop                 gulp
     flip                    gulp
        flop                    gulped

I was actually ready to abandon this book after the first 2-3 chapters but decided to keep going as it described a little bit of Malta at the start of each chapter and its a place I'd love to go to one day. In reality though I couldn't take anything in as like I said the whole book was dull and confusing that, that information to me got lost.

Some of the text is in Maltese but the author kills it by continuously telling you the translation of the word every time its mentioned.

Lastly was the fact that she could see Jesus and he was helping her to find herself by sending spirits to tell their story in order to help her. The thing is Jesus changed in form, one minute he was an old man, the next an old lady, then a bus driver, a taxi driver... really can spirits do all this. Her mum was cooking her meals for her... quite odd. Jesus also had painted toe nails and a variety of clothes lines... really took the piss out of a religious icon.

This is my opinion though and if you decide to read it, I'd love to know your opinion. It isn't a long book but it still took me time because I couldn't get into it.


Jesus: Go to Malta, my Nina. I am Jesus. Bring Cadbury’s chocolate with you.

This lets you know how ridiculous this book is.


  1. well when i finally make it through the stack of books i have already i might have to try this one is it available only on kindle or other forms

    1. It's in book form too which I think would be a better format wise as it has words in maltese which don't convert very well. I'd be curious to know your opinion if you do read it.

  2. This was great reading a book review that was honest and not just saying how great the book was but instead someone who is willing to say a book sucked.........

    1. I often find when people read books they relate it to themselves with a situation they've been in that may have been similar so look beyond the negatives to a more sympathetic and understandable note. I just think if I'm going to give some of my time to read a book, I'd like it to draw me in, make sense to a point as after all this was one of those thinking outside of the box type books by her seeing spirits... Like I said though its my opinion others might not agree with me.


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