Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wee! It's Mail Time again....

On Friday the postman came and went as no one was home which meant he had to leave a card. Knowing my package was waiting I couldn't wait to go and pick it up on Saturday, once there they couldn't at first find it but thankfully they did. My excitment was short lived though as the package was wrapped in plastic by Royal Mail but what really got me is why on earth would you use a simple brown (not bubble wrap) envelope on an order so expensive, even worse though was that it was one of those where it has two circles on the back, the top one has string on it to wrap around the bottom one and thats all they had used (no tape, nothing and this is considering they sell it in all sizes!). Those circles had completely been ripped off so my whole pack of stationery could have ended up anywhere as there was no invoice with my address on. Honestly it would have been really something having to deal with this lost item so I'm glad that wasn't the case as the contents inside was really great...
I came across a blog that mentioned modes4u and being a stationery manic I had to have a look so fell in love with a lot of items. I didn't plan on buying anything but was offered a 10% discount plus with the free shipping I decided to get somethings.

I really wanted the Sentimental Circus sets as I needed something to go with my tapes that I bought. I do have some Rilakkuma sets already but I don't know why I don't enjoy writing on them but when I saw this set I really liked the design and decided to get it... after all I needed to make it to £54 for free shipping.

As for tapes there were so many I wanted, added them all to my cart and then deleted them because as you know already I have so many and I like using what I buy where as other people buy all that they like and may never look at them again. Also I never buy anything with the intention of keeping it as I give some of it away as presents but I really need to start keeping a list of what friends buy me because I don't know what I have bought and what has been given so there will come a time when someone is offended that I've passed something on that they gave me. Everything I have though I really like so its not a case of passing rubbish on. I bought some making tapes and absolutely love them, I would have been tempted to buy more if it wasn't for the problem with the package, I can't risk it again so will never buy from that store again which is a shame.
I love having winter themed letter sets to write on in winter but there aren't many out there to buy. Plus those penguins are so cute. The little tape was a free gift.

Lastly three Chou-Fleur Bunny Lettersets, I've never come across this rabbit before but I love the softness of the colours and design of it that I couldn't help buying all of them and I'm so glad I did plus those masking tapes go so well with these sets. Its just a shame I never use envelopes as these are all so lovely looking.

Since last Saturday I've had some lovely mail as I got the package from a friend in The Netherlands, my order, a letter from a friend in Australia and yesterday I received this
#letter #postcard #memopaper #stationery #stitch I received today
Some Stitch note paper which I have stuck in my nieces new drawing book along with some Pingu sheets too which she loved. A postcard of a hotel she stayed in and I think its so impressive, I bet that was someones house once upon a time... I love the surrounding area too, so green! I never had a stamp so long before but also its a really nice one but best of all of course is always the letter as it takes around 2 weeks for letters to arrive to me from Canada, this one took a little less which was nice....

I wish I could have letters every week as its nicely spread out and something nice to look forward to after work but sadly I usually get all letters around the same time and then can have a month or two without anything! Its been a little more consistant lately though which is why make my day has suffered some  what craft wise as my letters come first.

Have you had a good mail week? Did you receive any surprise?


  1. I am all caught up with my mail, more or less, I could write you a letter ;)
    Life got so crazy with work, I need something nice to do :P I hope I get some nice mail tomorrow, I really need that.. Your order is lovely. I love Sentimental circus, too :)

  2. Oh its actually a bad time to ask because I'm cutting back, someone actually asked me on my blog the other day and I was tempted but then decided it was best not to as make my day is already suffering as I haven't crafted for it for ages.

    Sentimental circus indeed is really cute.

  3. Squeaker! My letter made your blog?! So cool :) The Banff Springs Hotel is actually owned by the Fairmont chain now, though it wasn't originally. It was built a long time ago when they started building the railway lines through Canada. It's a resort town near the Rocky Mountains in the Banff National Park. So lots of people go for skiing, snowboarding, climbing, etc. The place is super impressive, but also really expensive :/

    You do find the coolest, most creative, and terribly cute letter items! Hee hee, I should ask you to be my personal "penpal shopper". :)

    1. I know its great! I would have love to have shown the envelop but unfortunately theres no way to edit the address on my photo without first posting it and then editing it but it was such a cute and colourful one.

      Oh! I could gladly do that, be your personal shopper as I see so much cute stationery but don't end up buying a quarter of it so it would be nice to buy it for someone else.

      Thanks for the added info on Banff national park its such a beautiful location by the looks of the postcard.


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