Monday, May 14, 2012

My Week In Photos....

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A day in the city, Monday seems like such a life time ago, doesn't it? (shoes £6 from Matalan)
I also went to the new Bazaar that has opened not so far away from where I live.
When dropping my niece off in the morning at nursery, we saw lots and lots of worms and slugs, she hates them but calls them snails. When we actually saw this one she didn't like it but was excited to see it and told me to pick it up! Those days have well gone when I used to do that. This one though is freaking me out as I can't understand why its shell is like that.  BTW the room my niece is in at school has two giant sized pet snails, I'd hate to be the one to clean them out.
Do I spy with my little eye the sunshine? yes!
I think I may have spotted the sun quite a bit during the week which was nice, even at the weekend I could take my coat off, mostly we've had heavy rain.
A sneaky peek
I've made a start on the journal, here's a sneaky peek at what I've done so far, its really addictive and I've been going to bed far too late trying to get my pages done, I can't wait to share it with you in June.
After visiting the supermarket my sister needed some fabric for some trousers so we visited a couple of shops. (The shoes on my feet were £6 from Peacocks)
1. Pistachio ice-lolly
2. Coco Pops for breakfast
3. Crumpets for breakfast
4. Cheese and Crackers for Lunch
I usually have sandwiches but wanted a change
5 Jalabi and Halwa.
 Jalabi is a fried syrup ring, usually they are so long but these have been broken in to bits.
The best type of Jalabi is fresh and crunchy which this was.
This Halwa is like a hardish toffee with nuts and I love it.
You can get a softer one too which I don't like as much.
6. Hummus and Breadsticks which I tried for the first time.
I think Hummus is tasteless but I've got two others that are flavoured so hopefully I'll enjoy those
7. Tea and Toast for Breakfast.
8. Kitkat (which I photographed for Gotthatswing)
I'll have to photograph some dinner for you to see but they don't look nice in photos.

Did you have a good weekend?
What did you get up to?


  1. what a wonderful week and yum that food look delish

    1. It was a nice week but for 4 days it felt so long.

  2. Great pics and sounds like you had a fun week. I think slugs and snails are so slimy gross! haha

    1. Thanks Barb, I don't dislike them but they just aren't the most attractive of things.


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