Saturday, May 12, 2012

These little hands of mine...

Day7: Someone that inspired you!
These little hands are always busy especially with a pen or felt tips... I hardly ever see her without them...
Hand picked by me for you
Hand picked for me. Its still sat in that bubble tub and I've been meaning to put it in my flower press so will have to do it tomorrow as its still alive.
You will find pen marks in the strangest of places but it shows she's had fun. I don't know why but her hands look so adult like in these photos and I have to keep reminding myself that they are hers.
We have had another week of colouring, I'm so tired of it but I think I'll miss it when we swap as we have to do it 'together Khala'. By the way it may seem odd that we're colouring Christmas pictures but we don't celebrate it so it doesn't matter but also I picked it up in the sales and couldn't resist with it having such great quality pages.

Did you have something that you did a lot of as a child?


  1. Your photos are amazing. They really are. You do have quite a talent for it. I love the new blog and am following! So good to hear from you and thanks for the comments and support!! Hugs.

    1. Thanks Barb, its such an encouraging boost to know that you like them as I want to use more of my own photos which has been made easir by having an iphone as it means not having to carry a big camera around. Whats also much nicer is the transfer between phone and computer as its easy to add it to flickr so it just encourages me to take a lot more.

      I really hope you feel much better soon as its awful to feel great and then to have that dip again.

  2. Wonderful photos I love childrens hands they are so small and so perfect one of the best things I like is having a baby hold my I am grown I still have small

  3. I think there is something about little fingers too especially when they wrap their whole hand around your finger like you said...


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