Saturday, May 26, 2012

Today was the Day....

I don't normally find greeting cards very inspiring but today when I went to the supermarket with my sister I saw these and really liked the idea behind them. They were un-usual and quite fun from the usual rectangle flat shaped ones.

I only went along as my mums friend had organised a table top event at a centre so for some support we went along but it was actually really tacky with a hint of elegant.... there were those stalls that didn't have enough items and what they had was so badly organised so it looked really ugly but then there were 3 stalls that were so nicely done up but were lost in the ugliness of the event. It truely was disappointing as our eyes just swept over the whole thing and we ended up back outside to enjoy the sun instead. I really was looking forward to finding some usual and fun items. My mum's friends stall was really nice but it was the wrong time of year for it as she had lots of really cute knitted baby items and shawls but with a heatwave going on its the last thing people were going to think about. I saw a quilt that I loved but for some reason I had a brain freeze when it came to my card pin number and I couldn't remember it to take my money out... after 2 attempts I decided not to carry on as it would have blocked my card. I'm going to ask her about it later as I've always wanted a patchwork quilt.... still I've also told myself that I'm not allowed to buy anymore household items until I actually get a house and so far I've been really good.

Its been a really nice week with having a heatwave, being able to spend more time outdoor but even better is that I haven't had to cook once as my mum has been doing it. I feel so spoilt as my mum very very rarely cooks. I hope it lasts!

It was my younger brothers birthday on Thursday but we didn't celebrate it until today with a cake, Pizza and my niece continuely singing happy birthday to him... it was so cute! I've told him he'll have to pretend its his birthday everyday.
#cake #slice #chocolate #birthday
This cake really annoyed me not being in the centre. My family keep laughing at me taking photos but my younger brother asked me to take this one for him to post on his facebook!
Hypercrite :)!

Did you have a nice day today?


  1. Now I want

    I like the look of those cards, you know when I was younger I didn't see the point of cards but as I have gotten older that has changed and I now find I like to shop for nice cards and give them to people............

  2. That's the downside to food posts, you want to try what you see.

    I hardly send cards but I do think they are a new way to express yourself.


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