Monday, May 21, 2012

The clocks ticking.....

From cream to colourful
All that colouring with my niece has come in handy as I coloured these plain sheets into something bright and pastel coloured. I had originally planned to do a decoupage style as I got 2 of each sheet but once I coloured these sheets in, I wanted to leave them as they were.
I've had a really relaxing weekend crafting and it was so nice since I haven't done any in a while. Of course I'm still creating my journal but it isn't the same as seeing something come alive with paper. The first card I coloured all the writing in where possible and the second one I coloured in the images only.

With both of these cards I added a little bit of my own rubber stamp clocks and on one a key which I thought fitted in so well. Now I just have to hope that the person I send it to will really like them.

Has spring arrived at your neck of the wood?


  1. Wow, these are awesome!!
    Over here spring has arrived, actually I believe it's already summer - at least today it was all hot and humid and now it seems like we'll be having a good summer - thunderstorm - I love those :)

    Take care!

    1. Thanks Caddi, I had to make up for a mistake on make my day so I hope that person likes it.

      I was reading the news today and apparently we are going to have the same, I really hope that we do as I'm so tired of the rain, wind and cloudless sky but at least we have lighter days. Thunderstorms are great at night when its dark and you can just hear the rumbling outside.

  2. spring has sprung and we are having weather more like summer

    1. That's great and I think you've sent some my way and the weather was amazing today, I don't want it to go away!

  3. Found your blog through Becca, and I LOVE your journals! I have three on the go at the moment, but finding the time is hard to actually do anything with them though.
    Well, I DO have plenty of ideas though, and I love scrap-booking.
    I'm in England and it looks like the weather has finally changed...yippee!

    Following because I just love the name Strawberries and Buttercups!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I hope that you'll enjoy this blog as much I enjoy putting the posts together :).

      I agree with you on the time front, I have so many ideas but never enough hours in the day to do it. Maybe one day....

      I know we have sunshine, I can't believe it as it has been so cold, windy and rainy that its nice to get rid of those cobwebs.


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