Sunday, May 20, 2012

What's inside your Handbag?

On Wednesday I mentioned that I bought 2 bags so decided to share with you the contents of my handbag whilst I'm at it...
I bought this bag for £6 at Wynsors and its the style of bag I really like but also at that price you really can't go wrong can you. I will keep an eye out for another bag as I'm really in the mood to have a colourful bag as I always seem to have black (black shoes, bags, purses and coats!).
What's inside your hand bag
I also bought this Minnie Mouse Tote Bag for £5 which fits in to the front side pocket really easily and its going to be used as a re-usable bag instead of using a plastic shopping bag. Plus I really dislike the fact that some of them are see through and people can see exactly what you have bought... its not so great when you have certain personal items.

My bag has actually been quite light for a while now and I keep thinking I've lost something. I usually have reciepts and wage slips in but I've started putting them in my shopping bag now so if I need to keep them I will put it away safely straight away otherwise throw it away. I also have a phone in there too. I really need some more keyrings as I've had these so long, my car key one the leather is really worn out and will fall off any day soon and I also had a little carved elephant on it but that fell off a couple of months ago.

What's inside your handbag?


  1. What is in my handbag? Everything bar the kitchen Ok it's not that bad but I do carry tissues, moist wipes, note pad, pen, mirror, make up, swiss army knife, calculator, band aids, coin purse, card holder, wallet, just to name some of the stuff in my I like the minnie mouse tote at this stage I am using a large dark coloured tote......and yes it is

    1. I guess with you always having the grandchildren around you, you want to have everything you need to hand. The minnie mouse bag stays in my handbag above.


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