Saturday, February 1, 2014

It's a Vintage Fair!

Can you believe its the 1st of February already? I can not. I also can't believe I've hardly blogged last month, partly I didn't have the energy but then also I didn't want this to become a complete snail mail blog which is all I seem to be taking photos of these days. You can find me on Instagram @itsamailday if you're interested in what I've been receiving or up to.
One thing I've been forcing myself to do is go out more, whether to the shops or just wondering around locally I make an effort to go. Even though I do love snow I hate the slushy icy mess it turns into so I'm really grateful that so far this winter we've only had sleet on a night when I'm tucked up in bed! We do however have tonnes of rain which make it hard to go out but I still try...
During last week I came across an article in a free newspaper about a Vintage Home and Fashion fair. I've read a lot of blogs where people have been to these and I was curious so that weekend I got ready and went along to Saltaire
The fair was held in Victoria Hall. Just as soon as I got inside it started pouring with rain. I am not a jewellery person but I could have bought a lot of the items that were there that day. The house hold items were amazing and if I had a house I would have known exactly what to choose and for what area. There was this most amazing blue and white china that I couldn't help drooling over. I also loved some wooden Russian spoons that the owner told me that each one had a meaning behind it which resulted in me leaving them behind. I'm not superstitious but I would have loved to have known what each one meant. In the end I left with these...
I've still no idea why I bought them but I did. I will probably give them away one day as a gift but I'll see as they may fit in nicely once I get a house. 
I don't know if I'll go to any of the other fairs yet as I imagined it to be so much more then it was... it just felt cramped that I thought I'd turn around and break something. It also didn't feel like there were 40+ stalls and I was left wanting to see more. I kind of felt a little cheated having paid £2 to enter in the first place.
This post would have been longer but when I looked up my previous posts for Saltaire I only came up with one where I went on a shopping spree there so I've decided to save the rest of my photos for another day and I'll tell you more about the place then.
Added later
I've ended up having a search online to see what the wooden spoons are about. I didn't find any website that claims that they have any meaning behind them but I found so many wonderful designs on Google images. Isn't this whole set just absolutely gorgeous?
They are made of a really light wood that you can't even tell that you are holding the spoon, I'm sure the bowls will be the same but I could never use them on food but only to admire.

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