Monday, September 9, 2013

Postal Fun

Some months ago I saw these moleskine notebooks...
1 (30)
I liked them but didn't think much about them as I absolutely have a love for all un-usual books but I know I won't have a use for them but will be tempted to buy them so its best to stay clear.
I only thought about them again recently when a friend mentioned it in her letter so I decided to look them up. It became quite tempting to buy them and then I did!
1 (34)
I bought mine from the book depository which I have only purchased from once before through amazon and it took forever for the book to arrive. I had decided to not buy from them again but it became tempting when I saw such a wide range available on there of these Moleskine Postal Notebooks. I purchased them and they arrived in the same week which was amazing.

I now can't wait to have fun with these and post them out to friends... the pink and white ones are mine only.
Whilst shopping for the notebooks I also ended up buying these 2 Postcard books which I absolutely love...
1 (20)1 (2)
Have you bought any mail items recently?


  1. I heard about the postal notebooks as well! They seem great. Also the first picture looks so great with all the airmail colours - I love that even the pens match :)
    Take care!

    1. They are great but I do wish they had more pages. I love experimenting with my photos when I can :).


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