Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chocolate Anyone?

This week we were invited to another wedding so it was the perfect excuse to make a sweet tree... a proper Ferrero Rocher tree as I haven't had the chance to make one of those. It looked so good that my sister-in-laws 8 year old wanted to know where it had gone because he wanted it!
In the making another sweet tree #ferrerorocher #chocolate #candytree #sweettree #wedding #ribbon #polkadots #food #instafoodThe photo doesn't do it justice #sweettree #candytree #ferrerorocher #red #gold #wedding #gift
Red is just one of those colours #sweettree #candytree #ferrerorocher #red #gold #tissue #wedding #gift
The photos just don't do it any justice at all as the tissue looks like a scraggy mess. I had only wanted to use 1 tray of 24 chocolates but ended up using a crazy 48! chocolates. Its a good job I'd bought an extra one.
The grooms mum loved it when I gave it on Monday and said that she will put it in their bedroom as part of the decor.
I will definitely make some more for close friends and relatives when invited to a Mehndi.
Me all dolled up for the wedding...


  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful tree you created with the Ferroro Rocher!!! And it looks like you looked amazing for the wedding, I hope that all went well :)

    1. My younger brother said that this looked better then the haribo one and why didn't I make them like this! I wasn't flashy enough for a wedding but it was ok :), as for the wedding I'll tell you all about it when I write!


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