Saturday, July 6, 2013

For List Lovers

Every time I went to Waterstones book store I couldn't help stopping at the notebook section as they have such a gorgeous collection. Sometimes I think its such a shame that I have no use for them as there are some amazing designs out there.
This notebook that I blogged about last week I loved a lot but every time I saw it I thought of the lady I worked with last year who was great at writing lists of jobs etc... but also she loved notebooks.
When I saw it once again last weekend I blogged about it on here and it made it even harder to resist so I couldn't help but buy it for her.
Every time I saw this notebook I thought of someone at work. Last week they pulled out a tatty bit of paper with a list on to write something i said and it reminded me of this. In the end I couldn't resist and bought it for them. They have a love for list
I should have put lists above the little note card but anyway it ended up looking like this....
#packaging #parcel #present #alphabet #heart #love
She loved the packaging and didn't want to open it but she loved the notebook as much as me. I know she'll put it to good use. It's nice to surprise people who appreciate it.

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