Monday, July 8, 2013

Filled with Stars

I was going to do a video tutorial on how to make these but it tells me to keep my finger on the button :( #luckystars #origamiluckystars #hellokitty #shiny #sparkle #sanrio
Sometimes I wish that my brain wouldn't think up such insane ideas. A lady at work is retiring in the summer and I had intended on making her a survival kit only someone did that for her birthday so I decided it would be such a dull thing for me to do considering she had something similar already. I ended up buying her a gift online but I also wanted to make something which is when I thought of lucky stars. I made some lovely shiny ones with Hello Kitty Stars but then I thought someone else would enjoy them more and sent them to that person.
I made a huge purchase last month of star strips and decided to use those. All of a sudden the idea to use a wine bottle popped in to my mind and I decided to ask a lady at work if she had one could she give me it which she did... yipee! I started making my stars and 360 stars later it looks like this...
One of the many designs I purchased recently and I absolutely love this one. I'm hoping to fill a wine bottle but so far I only have 240 stars made, another 120 in this design so I'm wondering which ones to co-ordinate with these. #origamiluckystars #luckWine bottle lucky stars, I'm really stuck now in what to do in between as all the other sets contain one or two of these colours. The one I thought would go is too dark #origamiluckystars #luckystars #stars #pink #purple #blue #winebottle #bottle
My problem now is that I don't know which stars/colours to use to fill the rest of this bottle up. The ones that I bought contain 2 of the 3 colours in the sets so I can't mix another design with them. Anything bright will look weird. Also I only have 2 weeks and 3 days until my holidays start and if I order something its not guaranteed that I'll receive it in time as there just doesn't seem to be a UK website that sells lucky stars strips.
The ones I thought may go with my pastel coloured stars #origamiluckystars #luckystars #stars
I did think about these stars, I wasn't sure so made them up and I can now tell they definitely won't go with them.
I'm sure things will work out by that time but it will be disappointing not to be able to use that bottle.

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