Monday, June 24, 2013

My Health Right Now

@iheartmail I've decided to make the pearl ones to match these and will put them in the bottom of the sweet tree instead of the sweet I've bought. The little ones I've put with the hello kitty stars and will add some of the bigger ones into that one too s
In November I posted this blog post about my health. Today I'm going to continue from it as I have spent the last couple of months continuing to search around on the internet for things that could possibly be wrong but nothing quite fitting.
After I had many blood tests etc in November, the only thing to come back was that I had a none existent amount of Vitamin D in my blood. I wish I had paid more attention to exactly what the number was but I'm convinced the box was empty and the doctor had told me that their lab can only test to a certain point and mine was below that. I have now taken the vitamins for 6 months and last week had a blood test to see how things are going... I have had the most horrendous experience with these vitamins and when I mentioned it to the doctor last week he said it couldn't possibly be the vitamins... I'll get back to him in a minute! Having read most of the websites and come across some of the forums it has made me feel so much better knowing that I wasn't going insane. As I learned from these websites Vitamin D is also a hormone, so me once upon a time telling a doctor that I thought I had a hormone imbalance was right even though he made me feel stupid and told me there was no such thing. Due to it being a hormone it resulted in me feeling like I was going through my menopause, it started with hot flushes, the extreme tiredness where I'd yawn my head off and think I was going to pass out because I couldn't keep my eyes open. Then by February I started to suffer phantom pregnancy minus the sickness and cravings, I put on a little weight, my breasts felt huge and tender, bloatedness etc... it was awful (reading the forum most women complained of this). This lasted until the beginning of this month when I finally decided to buy a pregnancy test in case I was in denial, it said it would tell me in 5 minutes but told me in less then a minute that I wasn't. It flicked a switch in my brain and my body started calming down and I feel so much lighter even though I haven't lost the weight. I did go to the doctor in February also as I was running out of vitamins and still felt rough, he told me that they prefer people to take 6 months worth before they will consider anymore tests so I knew it was pointless going back until then.
Despite all that though I was convinced there still wasn't something right and still with my digestive system, I was struggling to breath, my back was hurting, the pain was and is so bad with my stomach, rumbling stomach but the weirdest of all is that I could taste mint in food that doesn't contain it. I waiting until last week to see the doctor and the nurse, this turned in to a big mess but at least I finally got to see both. The conversation with the doctor was one in a dream (nightmare) as I couldn't believe what was happening or being said... so I went in, mentioned a few symptoms, asked if I'd had an under active thyroid test done in November as that is the only hormonal thing my symptoms fitted in with and the answer to that was yes. I went on to the digestive side as the only thing to come up for tasting mint in my food was Gerd but it turns out in the UK its called Gord (I just said acid reflux to the doctor), my symptoms matched to a point with that but he wouldn't accept it as I wasn't being sick. This time I'd made a list of all my symptoms and when I took it out, he took this as 'its time to have the depression talk', fold arms, look relaxed and ask about...'work, family' and my response was 'I am not depressed', he nearly fell off his chair. It was a case of you are the doctor, I am the patient, I have a problem and you are the only one that can either suggest what's wrong or send me for tests.... 'oh but there are millions of tests', Grrr... He then sat up a little straighter and asked if my niece was mine! Well hello! If I had a child wouldn't it be on the system, he told me it wasn't reliable and its best to ask these things. The only reason she was with me is because my mum is in hospital for a routine stay for her skin and my husband wanted a break from looking after her. Anyway after both of us looked like an idiot for a second, he stuck his big fat foot in it again (he's actually slim and probably has a slim foot but still!) by asking about my Kidney problem... What Kidney problem? I bellowed at him, almost ready to have something explode inside of me at this point. He meant my fibroid but had just glanced at the subject titles on the screen (so like all doctors he hadn't read up on me before I went). Eventually he told me to give a urine and stool sample, I got a phone call later for an ECG as he probably thought of my struggling to breath. I am asthmatic by the way and have been since I was a child, his specialist subject is for patients with asthma. My inhalers aren't helping my breathing though so I thought he might do the routine asthma tests to see what level my breathing is at but no. I had my ECG test today which was fine thankfully, I also got a phone call before going for a prescription collection... it turns out I have helicobacter pylori antigen. The thing is that last month my sister mentioned my symptoms to someone we know who is a nurse and she told my sister this very thing, I looked it up but only 2 of the symptoms matched but it just shows you can't believe everything that the internet says.

In November everything was tested but my blood pressure. I mentioned this to my sister so this time I went and got it checked, it was high. I had it tested again today and its still high (average is 130 mine is 142) so I've been booked in for a 24 hour blood pressure check in September. This is the last possible thing of my symptoms being sorted as I've been suffering from headaches and pressure in my ears. I am however hoping that now with my stomach problem finally (and possibly) being sorted it may calm things down there as I've felt so stressed by it. I have hardly gone outside, read my kindle, as you know blogged, wrote letters etc... I just couldn't and still can't focus on anything. Its really getting me down as all the things I enjoy I can't do. I have had to force myself to take part in swaps in order to get some mail but also to keep busy in some way rather then sitting around and with those I hardly have to think. I'm now also awaiting my vitamin test results back so lets see how things go there.

I hope now that this is now my road to recovery... I do not have IBS and I'm so glad I didn't just accept it as being so even though its been an awful 9 years where I have been forced to believe it was.

One of you must have said a really good pray for me. Now I need you to do the same for a house as we saw one recently, tried to buy it but the seller isn't interested (I have other viewings!) Basically she's hoping for a bidding war but it hasn't happened and we are the only ones to make an offer so far.


  1. Doctors often make me want to commit murder........they drive my batty........sometimes I feel like I am the healthiest sick person around....if that makes any sense. I know at times something isn't right but all the bloody test show nothing. I have days when concertrating is hard for me and my mind wonders but I rarely let on how I am feeling and the tiredness I am suffering from again is so bloody annoying but there is no reason for it according to the so called experts

  2. Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear all this:(
    It's good to ask people about the symptoms because doctors don't always know everything. When I had problem with thyroid my doctor just said it was anemia and I only got to know what's real problem after few people with same symtoms told me what this could be. I made necessary tests on my own and went directly to endocrinologist privately. It's also good to change doctor if you don't trust (silly) one. I also feel for you, as I know what does bad hormones level mean though I must say your case looks harder. Anyway, I hope doctors help you and you'll feel better soon. And good luck with the house!:)

  3. My fingers are crossed for a house :) And I really hope you will find out what is wrong with your health.


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