Saturday, February 2, 2013

Liebster Award

I received this wonderful award from xkawaiicutiex this week and almost forgot about it until today.
So the rules for the Liebster Award are :

*Post 11 random facts about yourself
*Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger asked you.
*Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you will nominate.
*Nominate 11 new bloggers (with less then 200 followers) and link there blog in your post.
*Make sure you notify the bloggers you nominate.

Simple as that! I would love it if you could leave me a comment on this post with a link to your Libster Award post so I can find out how you answered my questions.

11 Random Facts about me
  1. When I was born the hospital staff had a hard time deciding which day I was born... 28 or 29. If I was born on the 29th I would have been the first baby born on the day of a royal wedding but if it was the day before it wouldn't count for anything. In the end it was decided the 28th, weirdly when anyone speaks to me about my birthday they always assume its on the 29th even though they don't know this little fact.
  2. I haven't been abroad for 6 years now and I miss it a lot. I can't justify going on holiday though when I don't even have a house yet but my husband doesn't care and has been back home every year since the day he came.
  3. I trapped my pointing finger in a gate at school when I was a child. That nail died and in its place a harder nail has grown so if I'm ever at a loss as to which is my right or my left (it happens sometimes when giving directions), I take a quick peek at my finger.
  4. I'm really struggling with my concentration lately which is why I haven't created anything for make my day. Today I made 4 simple postcards and it took me a whole day because things were taking so long to come together but also I suddenly felt really cold and I still haven't warmed up. I hate this feeling as there were so many projects I wanted to do but just can't face going into my bedroom to do it. (I have an electric oil heater which my husband turns on before going to work in the morning so my bedrooms not cold)
  5. I'm doing really badly in trying to eat healthy because my husband keeps buying cakes and biscuits to eat when I come home from work... I'm starving due to when I last had lunch so will eat more then I should.
  6. I can't remember the last time I watched any English TV. When my mum wasn't here I didn't put the TV on at all but when she is she has Indian Channels on all day everyday (and really loudly too) so I just watch that. I don't enjoy the Indian Dramas though as they are so exaggerated.
  7. I never wanted to learn to drive but my mum forced me to as soon as I turned 17. I'm now glad she did as it is so expensive but also it takes so much time off my day that means I can come home sooner to do my own thing.
  8. Even though I have a Kindle I still always have to have a look at the book sections in shops. Sometimes I even save the names of interesting books on my phone to come home and check out but rarely end up buying. I think because I browse these books it doesn't make me miss paperback books at all when reading.
  9. When I used to read paperback books I was one of those awful people who would take a peek at the ending to see if it works out the way I want but now I can't do that with me Kindle as I'd lose my place so the suspense almost kills me sometimes. I can of course check the end and maybe should when I don't enjoy a book to see if its worth it to keep reading.
  10. I feel guilty that I don't spend enough time doing fun things with my niece anymore. In the morning I'm too busy sorting her hair out and getting my work things together. Then when I come home I'm too tired or making dinner so we just both sit curled up on the couch. She keeps wanting to bake, play with playdough and craft. There is of course so much I want to do but it comes down to having the energy to do it.
  11. A few people I know have had laser hair treatments done on their face. I'm now debating about doing it as this is the only thing I have always wanted to do. There faces look great so hopefully it won't affect me in anyway if I do decide to do it.
Now on to the questions that were asked
What is your favourite TV Series/Film?
As I mentioned earlier I haven't watched all that much TV but with films I love Disney anything and Musicals.
Where is your dream job?
To do something in paper crafts or to work in doing something with words. I recently read on yahoo news about the way people advertised themselves in order to get jobs, I feel like doing this in order for someone to offer me my dream job :). I don't have a degree so its hardly likely.
What is your main hobby?
It will always be snail mail. Over the years I've stopped and started reading books but I haven't had a moments pause writing letters.
What is your fashion style?
Traditional Pakistani clothes.
If you won the lottery what would you spend it on?
Depending on the amount I win, I've told my siblings I'll split it 4 ways, only then my sister told me she wouldn't want it so I guess it means 3 ways. With what's left I'll buy a house, a car, start a monthly donation to a few more charities and invest the rest.
What is your favourite quote or saying?
I don't really have a favourite quote but I've now come to realise that I really like all of Dr.Seuss quotes.  
If you could change into any animal which would it be and why?
A bird as it would be nice to be able to travel all over the world when it suited me and then explore where ever I land.
What is your favourite colour?
I don't have a favourite colour, I tend to always love bright colours, blues and greens and autumn ones.
Would you rather live in a place that was extremely hot or freezing cold?
I can't cope with either but I'd probably go for hot as we tend to go to Pakistan at its highest temperatures and due to the materials used to make the houses they are cool. We would often be sat there without a fan and the people who lived in that country were the ones to complain.
Are you a cat person or a dog person?
I like both but wouldn't want either as a pet if I got a house.
If you could have one wish come true what would it be?
Only one? This may come as a surprise since its 6 and a half years since I first started searching for a house but the thing I would want to come true is to have a new job in a small place where you can do more as a team and the day to day running is more predictable then unpredictable. Also it would be easier to organise events and maybe even a groups.... like a book club, a nature walk club where you go to different places to explore and excerise etc....
Thanks xkawaiicutiex for this lovely award!


  1. I consider reading last page of the book before finishing it a crime!:P It was fun to read all this about you:)

    1. maybe it counts for something that I don't do it anymore!

  2. I used to almost always have a peek at the end of the book but I suddenly stopped doing it the day I found out who was the murderer in a crime book before even knowing who was the victim! It spoiled all the suspense and therefore the fun in reading the book, so from then on I've never peeked at the end of my books again ;)

  3. I loved reading this some great answers! and I know what you mean about the cold it is way to freezing at the moment I am also struggling to get things done I have loads of projects I need to be doing but everything seems to be on a go slow, thank you for sharing :)


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