Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun in Small Doses

When browsing on Etsy one of the things I absolutely love to browse is postcards, I think it comes with it being one of the few paper craft items I like to make... This is one of the sellers I really love the postcards of, there's just something about that little person...PhotographyDream
I've only ever bought postcards once and its so tempting to buy more but apart for my Christmas Postcards that I sent I can't bring myself to spend 87p on something so light and simple. I don't mind with the Christmas Postcards because if I sent those in an envelope I'd make them thicker which would result in it costing more so this actually felt like a cheaper option. Still it is so tempting when I see something as lovely as this by PhotographyDream
What type of things do you find you can't help but browse when online?


  1. Those are really, really cute! I understand your temptation :)

    1. They are, I tend to find I prefer the illustrated ones as with the photo ones its not something I can relate to.


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