Thursday, January 31, 2013


I don't usually remember my dreams as I sleep so heavy but there are the odd occasions that I'm aware of the dreams and most often they are so weird.

This morning I was dreaming about a lady that used to work at the school I'm at at the moment. This lady had a daughter younger then my niece and she never came back after her maternity leave 3 years ago so I've no idea why I thought about her now. Also due to the way the school is set out I've never had anything to do with her so its even more weird that she came to my mind. Anyway the dream was that her daughter was about 7 years old, a head of long curly hair skipping along with her and this lady has had a new baby which she is showing off to everyone and they are both so happy.
I never get my dreams when I am aware of them and do remember them.
Do you remember all your dreams and Do you believe they have a meaning in them?


  1. I barely ever dream (although I heard that we dream every night, we just don't always remember that - so I barely ever remember). However not long ago I had two dreams. In one someone was touching my piercing and the ball fell off and I was looking for it. In second dream my friend was painting the black line under her eyes. I usually have really silly dreams:)
    I think that in most cases dreams have sth to do with what bothers us, but sometimes they are just senseless. My mum sais that always when her dad (my grandpa) appears in her dream, sth good happens afterwards. Dreams are curious thing:)

  2. I've heard that too that we dream every night but I also hardly remember them and if I do they are so weird that they can't possibly having a meaning to me. Like the one that I described, I haven't kept in touch or been close to this women. I actually was meant to ask a lady at work who might know something if maybe she's had another baby possibly. Its quite an interesting thing.


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