Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Fetish for Red....

Lotus boots from Barratts shoes

I think I may have an addiction to red things at the moment even though its a colour I've never really liked much but you wouldn't think it from these....

I bought a pair of red boots because I wanted something a little different....
from ebay
and then came this red polka dot phone cover case....

Its now resulted in me choosing this red bag...

I have been looking for a new bag for months, I wanted something different so bought this after much thinking. I'm now annoyed as I didn't notice it didn't have a long strap in as the others did so went back but was told to come back tomorrow so I may hav
ouch bag from TKMaxx

I tend to buy a new bag once a year along with my shoes so I don't mind spending a little bit of money in order for them to last since I use them pretty much every day. The bag I'm using at the moment I've had for a couple of years. I think I had one in between it but I'm not sure... It a little worn around the edges and the fabric inside has bubbled but otherwise its not too bad. The thing with that bag though is that 3 of us at work bought one at exactly the same price. Myself and one of the ladies continued to use ours as we'd also bought the same shoe design but I decided this time I'd like to get something completely different. I've looked for a while but haven't really seen anything new and exciting as most of the shops sell pretty much the same thing for years. Anyway it was my husbands birthday, I never know what to get him as he just isn't in to anything...sports, food, technology etc... I usually end up getting him a gift bag full of junk food which he is happy with or clothes. This time I decided to get him some jumpers but having wondered around as many shops as possible I decided to try TKMaxx which I hardly ever venture into and I did find him 2 there. They have a bag section where everything is stored by colour... I really wanted a purple bag but didn't see any I liked. I then spotted this and a green bag but decided not to be hasty and continued wondering around a few shops before coming and buying this one. I picked up this bag without checking to make sure a strap was in it, the sales assistant started wittering on at me that I wasn't focusing on the bag to realise it had no strap in it. I came home to see if my kindle fit in it which it did (yes!). Only then did I realise the strap wasn't there, I went back but was refused in the store because they were going to close, I was told they were open the next day which surprised me as I never realised a single shop was open in Bradford on New Years Day! I've never ventured out on this day to find out anyway. I did end up going back the next day, the other bag was still there but what baffled me is that I asked the sales assistant just to let me take the strap out of the other bag and she said no... I could have a deduction instead but the whole reason I bought it was because it had a longer strap so I could put it on my shoulder or across my body but with tonnes of shopping the last thing I want to do is worry about my handbag as well.
from Asda Living
I said I'd rather have a refund unless I could swap it for the other bag which she agreed... the other bag was covered in plastic except the zip bit where I could get the strap out and this one I bought was not because the sales assistant the day before had taken it off... so would it not have been better to let me keep the bag I had, give me the strap and reduced or left the other bag at the same price with plastic covering still on? Hopefully you are still following that and can also understand why I was baffled. Well anyway I have this bag still and love the fact it is so different but its also weird having something colourful as colourful is something I like!

I even ended up getting something red for my niece. I encouraged my sister to buy my niece pumps for school as they are so cheap which means you don't care if they step in playdough, paint and in my nieces case sand.... but also they are comfortable and easy for her to move around. My sister did this but the school once insisted that a pair she was wearing was theres and on another occasion they swapped them for a really disgusting pair which we knew were not hers as I'd only bought them the week before. My sister has let her wear some of her home shoes but they aren't lasting long. She keeps also trying to buy her black shoes but once she starts school full time and has to wear a uniform its all she will really wear. I've been looking out for a pair like this for some months now and was over the moon when I saw them and they only cost £6. I showed them to my sister on video link and she just went but they are red... last time I saw your daughter she was such a girly girl. I think these maybe a little big though as every shop sizes are different.
The icing was nasty but the cake was nice still one can't complain when you get a cake for 19p
from the supermarket
And I ended the day with a red velvet cake. This wasn't a choose I made but the sales assistant came up to me with it and asked me if I wanted a cake for 19p! I thought he said 90p so nearly laughed when he repeated it. I've never tried it before but have to admit I didn't enjoy it. The sponge was nice but the white chocolate butter cream was too rich... I can't complain at that price though can I?

I'm now thinking of getting a red kindle cover to match everything. I was debating between plain red or polka dot but theres no need to think about it as polka dot is the only one available.

What colour are you into this year with out intending to go for it?

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