Sunday, December 23, 2012

Secret Santa

I got a taste for Secret Santa when I was part of yahoo groups and really enjoyed it. Once I left them though I quite missed taking part so its nice that some of the places I work do them. This one despite being at this work place 6 years only the lower end of the school organised it where I didn't work until this year.
I saw this at the first store I went to and really liked it but I loved the red one and both of those were broken, the orange one I liked but I know its not a colour a lot of people would go towards (except me!) so I debated about this pink one.... in the end I left it as the handle on the lid is just stuck on with glue and painted silver... it looked so messy and really spoilt it for me. I ended up going to a few stores with my sister on her weekly shop but with a limit of £5 it was so hard to find anything appropriate. Only in one store I liked some pocket mirrors but it just felt too small to be exciting.
On the Sunday I even went into the city center but found nothing that I could buy, my partner is a coelic so getting a box of biscuits/chocolates was out of the question. In the end I went back to the store and picked this up and just stuffed some sweets in for her children as I knew she would ask me what to use it for (even though it pushed my price up to £6). Which she did as I was sat next to her. I've no idea if she liked it or not but everyone else loved it.
As for me.....
I got a pair of slipper boots. I bought a pair of slippers this year and considered getting myself some but decided not to as I want to just slip my feet in and out easily, plus all the ones I saw were white which is a big no for me as I end up going out in to the garden to throw rubbish in the bin etc... so they would have ended up disgusting. These however are black and sparkly, I really like them even though they will take a little time to get use to as I'm used to having support on either side.  
Do you like taking part in Secret Santas?

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