Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Whirl Wind...

A visit to the #cinema to watch #tinkerbell in #3d with my niece #odeon. I also got given a free book
Last weekend suffering with a most hideous cold once again, I decided not to relax but to make the most of my weekend with 2 appointments, a shopping trip for my secret santa gift for work and a visit to the cinema with my niece to watch Tinkerbell the movie in 3D. She thought it was brilliant and wanted to know why it ended, she sat and watched everything considering it was her first visit. The only downside to her night was the fact that she had popcorn skin stuck between her teeth... the things that dampen our moods. I really enjoyed it even though I think it would have been the same (possibly cheaper) just to watch the movie in 2D as there was nothing that really popped out at you instead it just had a layered effect. I was given a free book to read so hopefully it will be good even though I have no intention of seeing the movie... I'm just too lazy to sit and watch them but also they never turn out to be the same. Still when at the cinema I realised I haven't felt so relaxed and content in a long time that I felt I should do this more often.
Well the weekend ended with a phone call to let us know my dads eldest brother died and things have been insane since which is why things have been quiet on my blog... my mum and brother-in-law have gone to Pakistan. My sister booked her ticket to go in the early hours of this morning and I think she now regrets it as it has involved so much drama... the PIA website and her ticket said 8.45pm setting off time, the website for the airport said 6.15- 7pm setting off time, so they phoned up and were told the 6.15-7pm... so it was a mad rush to get there. Once we got to the local airport it was foggy and I wondered how the plane would land but as nothing had been said I assumed there would be a way. It turned out the ticket time was the right one but at 7pm my sister sends a text saying the plane has landed in Manchester, this meant they had to get all their luggage back and have a coach take them there. It is now almost 11pm and they still haven't set off. My sister is so lucky that my niece isn't one of those moaning crying children even though she maybe restless by now.... thankfully she's also really excited to be going. I'm so grateful I didn't decide to go with her, I may have considered it if I was well but my cold has turned into a nasty cough. I would actually love to go to Pakistan as I last went exactly 6 years ago and I keep feeling a pull to go again but with not having a house or the energy it just makes it all overwhelming then something I can enjoy.
As for work what can I say, no day is ever the same and all I can do is dream of the day where I will move on to pastures new and hopefully much more rewarding with plenty of appreciation.
Now I finally have 2 weeks off and so far I've done plenty of reading, shopping with my sister as well as getting swept up in her drama. Its only the first day though so I hope the rest will be calmer.

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