Sunday, November 25, 2012

Moons and Buildings

The moon is almost full but its hard to capture on a phone
I was trying to take a photo of the moon, for me it looked huge but to my phone camera is looked tiny.
Once my sister and I were walking past a building in the city with stain glass windows for the upstairs window which was so pretty. I told my sister that it would make a great craft store... a couple of weeks later we were walking by again and we were shocked to see one... it had actually only opened the day we decided to go in even though we wondered whether it was there earlier and we just missed it.
The building you can see with the green sign recently showed up on the house website I look at even though its been on sale for years. It used to be a pub but those don't really work in this area anymore as it mostly has muslims living around here and those that drink won't do it locally. There is one opposite and one next door, there were 2 others which have been converted to mosques. This pub thats on for sale I think would make a great desserts place... ice-cream with all the toppings/flavours in the summer and cakes etc..... in the winter pancakes, waffles, puddings with custard.... making me drool just thinking about it but its something different as like I mentioned there are 2 pubs, 1 steak house just a little futher up, then a KFC, McDonalds, the supermarket cafe etc... but those people visiting those places will definately stop by as well as the locals but also there are tonnes more businesses close by. It would look great as a 1950s diner too to add a little something different to it.
Its on for a great £120.000 with appartments and the business, I can afford the building but not the building work or else it might have been something to think about :P... not that I'd be any good at running it.

The Brone Birth Place is also on for sale if you fancy a piece of history, I don't understand why its no longer a museum. Again I can afford it but I can't afford the work it needs especially for a Listed building as only certain workmen can fix it.
Do you ever see a business building and know it would make a great something?


  1. all the time i think of place and things i could do with old building but at last the bank account doesn't agree with my imagination

    1. I know the feeling, shame they can't pay us to tell them what to do with a building.


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