Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Crafting....

My niece and I spent some of our afternoon making #christmas #cards #rubberstamp #card #ink #sequins
My niece always asks me if she can make someone a card which sometimes we do but mostly we don't. When she realised I'd be home on Wednesday she asked to do some baking! Well you know I'm not such a great baker but also with not feeling well there really was no way I could bake.

A while ago I thought of the idea for my niece to make cards using stamps etc... so when my niece woke me up when she came from school I gathered everything together and more or less left her to it.
She started by stamping all the cards and envelopes which she was just as bad as me with as she had to fill in all the gaps.
I showed her once where to colour and she just got on with it. I even had to leave her at one point and she picked up the next item and got on with it. I was amazed that she had the initiative to do it.
We finished them off with some sequins but I made the mistake of buying some PVA glue with a flat nozzle so my niece couldn't glue it and I didn't have a spreader for her to do it. We actually did the sticking a couple of days later as she suddenly ended up really clingy on Wednesday, she kept crying as she couldn't stop coughing. It got worse over night so she didn't go to school the next day, her dad had to take her to the doctor as she was so pale and thankfully he gave her some medicine that knocked her out which meant I could rest too. We finished these cards off on Saturday as her mum left her with me whilst she did her weekly shopping.
The envelopes match the cards. I only made 4 for her to give to staff at school but my sister turned round and mentioned her neighbours too so now we'll have to make some time to make those too.
I decided to share this with you now incase you have little ones that would love to make Christmas cards but you don't know what to do. My niece is 3 years old and she could just be left to do it with only a little prompting and she didn't get bored. If anything she got annoyed when I suggested putting things away as I thought she might be tired.
I will be posting my handmade postcards on my bubbles blog next month which are all address/stamped and ready to go.
Have you sorted your Christmas cards out yet? I haven't got my presents ready at all.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards!!! I think it's awesome how involved you are with your little niece. Handmade made ROCKS!!!

  2. I'm glad you like them, they are so simple but look really effective. Its nicer that its all her own work. We didn't really have all that much to do with our aunties/uncles and grandparents as well as cousins and I sometimes really wish we did which is why I try so hard with my niece. I sometimes think maybe I do too much with her as she'll find it hard when there comes a time I may not see her much. At least the memories are there :)


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