Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some Instagram moments...

I was combing my nieces hair when she suddenly shouted, #ladybird. I thought she was joking as we were inside but there was this beauty. I've never seen anything like it beforeMaking my way through lots of starbursts and noticed theses prompts on the wrappers... I'll have to try this one walking down the street!Sometimes when you need some peace look up at the #skyI really loved this #owl #ring from #peacocks but I didn't buy it. It fit properly too as usually they are too bigLoved these #bracelets but I thought they were a bit too expensive . Love the #sparkle thoughWent to get my phone from my bag and this #spider was on the #wall
I know it seems like I've fallen off the end of the earth with all my blogs lately but I am still around mostly writing letters, crafting and sleeping. I haven't got the brain powers to add books and blogging into my day though as I am just truely exhausted due to work but also I think with getting up daily at 6am when my alarm goes off to be ready for my niece... I actually feel cheated with all this exhaustion as my husband ended up extending his holiday for an extra month which should have meant more time for me to do my own things but instead once dinner is out of the way and the dishes are washed... I'm dreaming about my bed.
Still I've been able to have a few IG moments...
1. I was sorting my nieces hair out after I arrived home from work one day this week when she told me she could see a ladybird, I thought she was joking as we were inside but there really was and its such an usual one too. Don't you think the red/black dots look like a flower.
2. Making my way through 2 packets of Starbursts after I realised they were Suitable for Vegetarians but also were on offer. It took me back to my childhood even though in those days they were called Opal fruits. Each wrapper had a task to do one it which was all so silly but great for party entertainment.
3. I was coming from the post office last week and feeling really fed up when I looked at the sky and thinking how beautiful it looked... I've actually thought that a lot lately as even though we still have a lot of rain its still really nice for what October usually is and we can still put our washing out.
4/5. Visiting Peacocks and trying on some lovely jewellery even though I didn't buy any.
6. Do I need to say more...
How are you all this weekend?


  1. Love the look of that owl ring........and sometimes I find it very relaxing to just sit and look at the sky......yesterday I was flat out all day today I am taking it easy

    1. The ring is lovely and it was so tempting to buy it. Hope you had a relaxing time.

  2. Wow, your ladybugs look a lot different than ours...

    Our Starburst wrappers aren't that fun either, with messages and all. At least they weren't the last time I ate them...

  3. Our ladybirds are usually red with black spots but they tend to say when are born they are black to start with and turn red later so this was a great find.

    Our starbursts are usually plain wrappers but these were limited edition ones. I've no idea what the limited bit was though.

    1. Oh wow, that's really cool about ladybugs, I didn't know that! Yeah, ours are usually red with little black spots. I've been seeing a lot of them lately with raking leaves and such. edition, that would make sense. We have a bunch of chocolate things like that right now for Halloween; Smarties=Scaries, Coffee Crisp=Coffin Crisp, etc. The wrappers are black with spooky critters on them, quite a cute idea actually :)

      Oh, I sent a letter to you at the end of last week I think? So I hope it won't take ages to get to you!

    2. I ended up looking up ladybirds as I was curious and actually it has nothing to do with when they are born like I thought but actually there are many varieties of lady birds and not just the red with black spots that we are used to. This is the first time I'm seen on in this design which is so pretty.

      Limited Edition is nice to come across but if you get a liking for something its also disappointing as you know you won't get it again. Where as name changes aren't so baad.

      I received your letter and hopefully I'll get to write soon as its only a 3 day week this week and then I have holidays :)


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