Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Trip...

It shows how messy my brain is at the moment as I read this as What would you take on a trip around the world so I will just answer both even though I haven't answered either yet.

Firstly I would of course go with my husband and hopefully he would enjoy the adventure. He's one of those people who won't do things if he feels he looks stupid.

As for items I would take...
  1. A camera
  2. A notebook
  3. 2 Shalwar/Kameez for summery  weather, 2 for wintery weather, underwear, socks and sandals since I'd probably wear my shoes from here.
  4. The women essentials
  5. Toiletries
  6. Some stationery of course
  7. Money
I'm sure this will either fit in a small suitcase or a camping style rucksack.

What about you? Who would you take?


  1. My husband and the rest of my family couldn't be gone so long without me even though they drive me around the bend at times.....

  2. The right question is: Who would take ME?:P
    Waiting for propositions... :D


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