Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ladybird, Ladybird....

Last night I had planned on writing a letter but I was so cold that I decided to just curl up in bed and read my kindle instead which is when I finished the book that I reviewed for you yesterday. When I picked up my kindle a little ladybird came running from underneath it... ok so it was a ladybird but when I looked closer I was amazed to see how many spots it had (compared to the one I blogged about a while back). I tried taking a photo but the lighting is just so bad in my room as you can tell so in the end I decided to video it but I've no idea how to rotate the video so that it fits properly in to the box. I just thought since I've made it I might as well share it with you.
I ended up doing a video call to my sister so my niece could see it but before it had even connected it had flown away so was somewhere in my room all night. It didn't matter in the end that it flew away as my sister had already put her to bed. So its now a good job that I did make the video as she can watch it when she comes today.
As for today its another day of my holiday and I honestly as always can't believe how quickly it is going. I hope to though spend my day sorting my bedroom out as it has turned into a complete mess with craft stuff and other things all over the place. I ended up buying 4 big storage boxes yesterday to get rid of the 2 collapsible ones that I have which are rubbish and fall to bits every time I pull them out from under my bed.
1. For envelopes, brown wrapping parcel paper, boxes and clear/double sided tapes.
2. For random craft stuff
3. For my letters (as the box I use now is too small and this I will use for either my tapes or to fill it up with craft supplies for my niece to use as she always tells me she wants to make things. I've bought her a set of children's scissors which my sister said wasn't allowed but how else is she going to learn so I bought them anyway!).
4. My letter sets or books.
I've already sorted through all my clothes and gave 3 bin bags full to one of the many recycle shops that have popped up. Basically you take your bags, they weigh them and give you money in return for them depending on the weight. They either sell them or give them away.  I needed to do this as my husband has spent a small fortune on clothes in Pakistan so I will need to have room for them. Also many are from when I got married 6 years ago and do actually still wear but it was time for them to go... I also threw away all my night clothes as those I've had since before I've got married too and ended up buying 3 sets from Primarks. He will be back next week after spending 2 months there... I'm so going to miss having the time to do my own things and having the time to do them.

Another thing I want to organise is my flickr, I want to remove all the sets and start again... its going to be one long tasks but hopefully I'll feel better about it afterwards. Especially if I have the energy to tag everything properly too.
October has been a bad month money wise as I've spent a small fortune so November I'll not buy anything else unless its to do with postage. I've decided to order my postage stamps online for my Christmas postcards as they will all need the same one so I really need to get a move on and order them.
Lastly I know this blog has turned out to be so dull, I keep trying to pull it back up but with having so much leisure time I'm spending it concentrating more on my crafts and projects as its so much easier as I mentioned with my husband not being here to have the bedroom to myself and going to bed at a stupid time because I've lost track of the time.
Hopefully next month I'll be able to pull it up again as I was thinking yesterday I need to get back into doing some of my cultural posts even if it means using pictures from around the web.
Hope your having a good mid week!
I changed the video from the original one as the ladybird reappeared in the evening crashing in to the ceiling. I got up to do something and then almost sat on it. I decided to make this video, show my niece and then throw it out of the window!


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