Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Russain Dolls

In July it was my birthday and I received alot of wonderful presents. One of my friends though sent me presents in a Rose theme. Today its her birthday so I'm finally able to share with you what I got for her birthday in a theme of Russain Dolls which started with this....
#russaindoll #bookstands #flowers
As soon as I saw it in the shop around March time I thought of her and bought it but then I debted about keeping it or sending it and in the end I decided because I bought it with the intention of sending it to her she should get it. After all she loves books a lot and Russain Dolls too. Once I received my themed gift though I decided to create one too but I do wish I went for colour instead of the theme of a russain doll because it was so hard to find items... I even bought some things on ebay and the seller didn't even have them in stock! Why on earth would you list an item you don't have in stock? Anyway here's what I got....
#russaindoll #gifts #present #postcard #luckystars #origami #dolls
#russaindoll #sticker #tape #decotape
I had to have some stationery of course!
#russaindoll #salt #saltandpepper #pepper #women #pink #blue
Salt and Pepper Shakers... so cute!
Oops I almost forgot to post this #mirror #beauty #nailfile #tweezers #russaindoll
My friend loves to look good so this was prefect.
#russaindoll #cup #mug #present #ornament
A cup I saw that matched a Russain Doll ornament that I had so I sent both.
I've made 340 stars and that's it for now #origami #luckystars #russaindoll #flowers #paperchain
I finished it off with a touch of handmade... 340 stars and a Russain Doll postcard. I used my circle punch to create buttons incase my friend decides to frame it. I could have honestly have kept everything for myself.
I hope that she had a wonderful birthday.

Are you celebrating anything soon?


  1. Happy birthday to your friend! This is a very thoughtful and lovely gift with great theme! This is the first time I came across some Russian doll themed gift. And did you make the gorgeous postcard? It's very creative!

  2. OMG! So much awesomeness! I love themed packages!

    Have a fun week! ;D


  3. so much awesomeness here i use to havea et of nesting dolls that i loved. No celebrations here this week.

  4. Wow, I am 100% sure your friend jumped of happiness when she got your gift:)

  5. I love Russian Dolls, I've had a passion for them since I was a child...and old Russian icons.
    But, back to the dolls, I recently found out that each colour means that it was made in a different place. My big one is orange and red, that means she is from Siberia.
    I love your gifts!


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