Sunday, August 5, 2012

These days...

Band Stand #park #bandstand #path #grass
  • I am almost into the third week of my holidays and I can not believe how quickly time has flown by.
  • We are half way through Ramadan already, I'm tired and lack water but otherwise its not bothering me. I'm so glad though that I have holidays as otherwise I would have struggled. I am really really craving ice-cream though.
  • I spent a super sunny day at the park with my niece, my photographs aren't all that exciting which is why I haven't posted them here but you can of course view them on my Instagram or flickr.
  • My sister bought me a journal for my 100 ideas which I've decided to use instead of the one I decorated even though that is colourful.
  • I went to the supermarket with my sister as my niece was refusing to go with her without me. A child came up to me asking if I'd seen his mum like I knew who he was. I took him to customer service but it made me so anxious. I hate things like that.
  • My niece and I sat and watched Matilda. When Matilda and Miss Honey were in Miss Truchbulls house my niece kept telling me to change the channel because she was going to get them. It was so cute as what is it to a 3 year old what happens.
  • There is a possibility I could be buying a house but there is just so much drama surrounding it, its really irritating me.
  • I haven't read a book all holiday even though I'm half way through one.
  • I really need to get a move on with my projects as I have so many ideas. Part of my problem is that my sister turns up at a time when I just sit down to do something. Then I can't get anything done due to my niece wanting attention. Today and Yesterday I went to their house and bought her back with me.
  • We are having some serious thunder storms here and I love it.
  • My sister, niece and I will be visiting the zoo this week which I'm excited about but will be so tired afterwards because of it.
What have you been up to?


  1. Oh, wow! Do you have to restrict the amount of water you drink during Ramadan? I had no idea!

    Best luck on getting that house, girl!!! :D And on making your projects come true! ;D

    Have an awesome week!


    1. Miki we can't eat or drink anything! Due to the super long day though I get really thirsty and tired from it.

      I actually just checked the website and the house isn't mine anymore :(, hopefully something else will come up this month for me to buy :)... fingers crossed.

      Well I'm slowly making my way through my list so lets see what happens.

      Have a great week too.

  2. we have been going to the beach and just hanging out as a family


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