Saturday, August 4, 2012

4 corners...

In recent weeks my friends have really spoiled me with postcards so I have been doing small doses of posts in order not to bombard you completely. Its great to see where my friends have been travelling to in between writing letters. Its also as I say a great way for me to travel with them as they write such amazing travel reports too :). I've linked to wiki pages if you are curious to read more about these places.
The first one is of Heidelberg, Germany and this is the first fabric postcard that I have received, its nice to get something unique sometimes too. Spain and Japan.

The building in Japan I first thought was a building in England as it looks so similar to our Odeon so its quite impressive to think they have some beautiful buildings like this in Japan. Here's a link for our ex-Odeon which is finally getting a make over when I last went even though I'm not 100% sure exactly what they are making yet. Can you believe they wanted to knock it down? I choose that link as I found the inside interesting and eerie, why would you let a perfectly good building turn into something like that. It could have been an old fashion diner/casino/mini cinema

Have you got any plans to go abroad lately or even just get away for a bit?


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