Sunday, August 12, 2012


I came home one day recently to this lovely spotty envelope, it definately was such a cheerful thing to receive.... the stamp is a great one too, I have of course had this stamp before but it amazes me every time...
Such a great envelope to come home to today. #envelope #spotty #canada #postagestamp#postagestamp #canada
It contained a great letter of course, a report of a recent event but also this newpaper clipping for a local store (I'm guessing) which was actually really fascinating to see.
A non Islamic friend sent me this, it's so interesting to see what other countries provide for #Muslims #islam #ramadan #food #advert #newspaper
Bradford is known as mini Pakistan we have such a huge variety of shops for food and clothes  plus mosques that we forget its not so easy for people in other countries as my auntie in France complained all time and would take things from here on the few visits she's made.

Its also nice to see the different greetings that people use in other countries too, in Pakistan its know as Ramzan  (Ram-zan) boys are named this too... but in other countries its Ramadan... usually we say Mubarak but I've on the rare occasion heard Kareem too.

Its one religion with different casts, different languages but also different interpretations of the same thing.

By the way I'm writing to you at the moment and by chance have choosen something spotty too, keep your eyes peeled :).

Have you had any great mail days?


  1. Being Canadian myself, I often get letters from home...but I've never had a spotty one!
    I love it!!! Next time I send one home, I'll get the chance to use my new rubber stamps on it...I know my friends will love them as much as I do!

    1. Aww who knows you may get a spotty envelope from your relatives there one day. I recently saw a blog post for a themed letter and I've decided its something I'm going to try one day for one of my friends :). You'll have to blog the envelopes you make as I'd love to see :)

    2. Hi Megan,

      It was awhile ago that I got those envelopes, but if my memory serves me correctly, I got them at Staples. I had to return something after the "expiry date" so could only get store credit. I didn't really need anything else and they looked super fun, so they came home along with some pens I think :)

  2. Loved the spotty letter different but you know me I love to get letters snail mail rocks........

  3. Ha ha, it's so cool to see "my" mail posted :) It's hard to find longer envelopes that aren't plain white (though those can always be easily decorated).

    1. Its why I post your letters as I know you come past and quite enjoy seeing your things on here. I actually went to Staples for coloured envelopes so that I don't use brown ones anymore but they were just so expensive (25 envelopes for £7.99)

    2. Yeah, the polka dot ones weren't cheap either, but I had the gift card to use (since they couldn't just refund my money for the item I returned), and I didn't want to lug around the card (not that it's big, but I don't shop at Staples much at all), so polka dot envies seemed like a good investment :)


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