Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chester Zoo

On Thursday my sister, niece and I went to Chester Zoo....
The zoo has over 8,000 animals, some extinct in the wild and some on the point of extinction.... We saw majority of these animals but with it being so warm most were sleeping or hiding....
We saw nearly all of these animals, apparently there are over 8,000 animals at the zoo
or suddenly got up and started running around...
Yesterday I spent the day at the zooAll the #zebras were laying down and suddenly this one got up and ran aroundThe sun was super strong so most animals were laying aroundA family of #giraffesWe sat at a picnic table so that my niece could eat, ducks appeared to munch on food too
We were there for about 6 hours and made our way around the whole zoo but the map was confusing and we kept missing the parts we wanted to see. There were tonnes of places to eat even though of course we didn't with fasting (my niece did of course), there was face painting... but annoying of all was that if you wanted to go on the train or boat you had to pay to do so what a rip off considering you paid an arm and a leg to get in as everyone over 3 years pays full price.

It was difficult to see those animals that were visible though as the areas left free for us to see was a small one and then it was so crowded you had to squeeze yourself in somewhere. They could have left more space or used transparent plastic.... really there was no need for anything. Also people with prams complained that the path ways were tight.
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I had photos of elephants which were so cute but I've deleted them from my phone as I assumed I'd uploaded them but I could have bought one home. The monkeys were adorable too, gosh I really had to get down on my knees to look through a tiny porthole but it was worth it to see a monkey carrying her baby as she climbed around... it was just the cutest thing.... I'd love to go back despite the intensely hot day and it was made worse by not being able to drink as I came home with a throbbing headache but it was worth it.

I'd definately would love to go back one day.... but it probably won't be as crowded as this was a day where Bradford Council had organised for many organisations to encourage families to go out. There must had been at least 15 coach loads full, some double deckers... then there were other coach loads as well as the general public.

Only 3 weeks left until my holidays end, I can't believe how quickly they are going
If you have holidays what have you been up to?


  1. Hubby and I would love to take our grandchildren to the zoo but he is forever putting it off......
    says he wants to do it but then finds excuses for not going....

    1. Hopefully you'll get to go sometimes, its just getting yourself organised to go as I always put things off and then wonder why when I get there.


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