Wednesday, August 15, 2012


@mimilady decided to decorate the sheets myself too so you may need to wait a bit to hear from me, #sunflower #hearts #writingpaper #letter
  • I have created some writing paper myself using tapes, rubber stamps and shape punches. It was so much fun that I wish I could do it for every letter but with writing super duper whoppers of a letter some times it would take quality time away from writing the actual letter. My friends would be waiting months. I decorated both sides.
  • I spent some amazing days with my niece lately doing the usual but its so much more relaxed that I appreciate it. I did her hair today and she gave me a huge hug telling me she had missed it as I used to sort her out before she went to school.
  • I've been feeling really anxious lately about so many things that I wish I could have a day without thinking about it all. I guess it doesn't help that I'm so tired as people think if their children won't let them sleep the neighbourhood shouldn't either and send their children out to play at 7am in the morning until they have slept themselves. (I live in an area of maybe 80% of Pakistani people, it wasn't like that growing up though). You then have those who don't sleep until they've eaten in the morning so they are outside talking and playing with their children.
  • I haven't shopped on Etsy for ages but lately I've seen so many cute things that I'd love to own. My niece was even telling me what she would like but of course I wouldn't get her it as her mum gets her knickers in a twist about everything.
  • It poured it down with rain today and I really hated it as I wanted to go out and enjoy the sunshine, its typical when I think like this.
  • Someone stole my passenger side wing screen mirror... of all the things to take. I noticed it was missing when I went to put my petrol in and couldn't at first understand what was missing. My brother thinks that someone stole it due to not being able to find one for their car and decided to help themselves to mine. Now I need one so I have to go and steal someone elses :|.
  • I feel really annoyed with the college for not organising a meeting the day I phoned up enquiring for my maths as  now I'm in two minds about what to do due to everything thats been going on lately. Do I really need to add to my stress by doing that? I do really want to do it though as it maybe a step towards getting out of my work place, its just mustering up the energy to make that phone call again... if they've done that in the first place I would never have had the opportunity to think about it. Maybe it wasn't meant to be?
  • I really need all my clothes replacing, I've had most since I got married (exactly 6 years on Monday!) and some that my husband has bought on his many trips to Pakistan but none are really to my taste or what I want to wear anymore. I haven't bought many clothes for myself for ages as I always get them as gifts so don't need to, I just wear anything as it gets ruined at work....
  • I'm now going to bed....
  • I keep sitting down to blog and then writing lots of posts and deleting them as they seem boring.


  1. I am terrible at replacing my clothes the top and pants I have on today were hand me downs from my mum........the last time I bought a new top was in 2009 the last time I bought a new dress was a few months ago when I found one on a clearance rack cost me $5.00 still haven't worn it yet before that it was 2010........I really should go through me clothes and throw some stuff out......

  2. I love your note paper!
    I am terrible at buying clothes and have far too many...I really must have a clear out. I have shoes and boots that I have never worn, yet I bought more last night!
    I am a terrible hoarder, and I know it. {hangs head in shame}


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