Sunday, July 22, 2012

Spring Rolls

My husband and I made spring rolls, they are healthy up until the end when you have to fry them
For some reason in Ramadan people eat a lot of fried food, every year I tell my mum I don't want to eat it or make it as we aren't used to eating so much on a normal day with our meals so why when fasting.

My mum never listens though and today after having a super long and wonderful crafting day I came down to make these. I was a little way into making them when my husband decided to help me too which I'm glad about as it took less then half the time.

I made everyone 2 each but we all struggled and everyone tried passing their second one to my younger brother. It still won't make my mum realise that we don't want these extra bits as she says its something they crave (not me though). People have samosas, spring rolls, kebabs, roast chicken, rice etc... I really don't know how they manage to eat it all.

In England the days are so long, this year it is between 3am - 9.30pm but this is still really easy compared to what is to come in the following years. In some places they fast for longer and in others not as long... I find it easir with not working.

These spring rolls are really healthy up until the last minute when you have to fry them. I'll have to see if you can oven bake them.

Do you have special food for special occasions?


  1. I assume Ramadan has just started? When is it done with? You're lucky that it's not so hot over there, because if I can easily do without eating, I wouldn't make it without drinking water on a sunny, hot day!

  2. Typically the day my holidays started so did a heatwave, the weather is amazing outside but I haven't enjoyed it much with sleeping in.

  3. Replies
    1. They are, I can usually eat so many but with fasting all day you don't want to eat when the time comes.


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