Monday, June 11, 2012

Shop until you drop.....

This weekend I went to another Bazaar called Tradex Bazaar. Its weird thinking of it as Tradex as there was an English company called this selling all kinds of items which eventually went burst and closed so this bazaar owner bought the name and the signing in card system. It has a lot more then Bradford Bazaar but mostly the same stuff.
Tradex Bazaar, Shopping
What I bought yesterday for a present alsoWhat I bought for a present yesterday
I hadn't planned on going here but I needed a present for 2 ladies at work for their birthdays. I had come across a bag in a shop and loved it but it looked like it was used so left it and then it came to my mind to go here and buy them both clutches. One turned 50 years old (purple) and another turned 60 (blue), eventually we will probably go out for a meal but I have no idea when as we were meant to go in the holidays but things came up. I had wanted neutral black or white but they didn't stand out as much as these 2 and a emerald green one.

I have bought a third present online but nearly 2 weeks later its still not here so I hope that persons not put out when they find out I've bought these 2 something.

We went to one of the original markets Cannon Mills, it sells all the things both these markets sell, plus loose fabric, bedding, fruit/vegetables, food etc... but its not somewhere I feel comfortable taking photos because its so busy but that could be because its only open on a Sunday. We bought a lot of things but one of the things my mum bought was
It's mango session again!
mangoes I love traditional honey mangoes... juicy and occasionally hairy!

Years and years ago my mum bought some bowls from one of the first £1 shops we had here, it was run by an East Asian family so most items were from that side of the world. Only one day they just disappeared.... As those bowls were so old and needed throwing away my mum has been searching for some new ones when I saw these....
I bought some new bowls, wish I had a house as I'd love to have some
I bought 4 in this design. My brothers are refusing to switch because they like the other bowls but don't tell them I've managed to throw one out so far and will eventually sneak the other one in to the bin too. They are from Asda for £2 a big bowl, great for cereals, rice and pastas. If I'd had a house I would have got myself some too but I'm on a house item ban as  my bedroom makes me so cross with looking junkie.
I've never crafted with brown card before but lately I've been craving it so bought a pack and ii think it's so cute that it wrapped with ribbon
I really wanted to craft with brown paper lately so I bought this pack and its been so much fun. So far I've decorated some envelopes but eventually I hope to decorate some postcards too. Its so sweet how these are wrapped in ribbon to make them more attractive, I've never had that with packs before. I can't wait to show you what I've created when the time comes.

Its a good job the holidays are over as it means I'll stop spending money, I hope!

How was your weekend?


  1. wow you did a lot of shopping beautiful gowns and accessories

    1. I didn't buy the dresses as they aren't the type of style I would wear, I do think they are pretty though.

  2. Wooo love that purple dress and matching bag very nice.........doubt the dress would look good on me but still I liked it.......


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