Sunday, June 10, 2012

Food Overload

I've been meaning to do some recipe blog posts on here but everytime I think about it I feel really unmotivated to do it so I decided for now I'll post all the photos of food I've taken and maybe one day I'll share the recipes too.
All that veg cutting resulted in this
Mixed Vegetables and Pasta Shells
Lassi sash
My Mums Lassi a la Saag, usually its a bit thicker then this.
Chickpeas and lamb mince
Chick Pea and Lamb Keema (it doesn't look nice at all I agree but it tastes it)
For dinner today
Lamb Kebab
Chick peas and potato rice
chick pea and potato rice. Most restaurants call this Pilau, no idea where that comes from as we just call it plain and simple savoury rice in Potawari.
Chapatti and chicken curry
Chicken Curry
We all really dislike the chicken leg but in most families apparently people argue over it.
Traditional Pakistani pickle called achaar, it delicious and smells so mouth watering
This I didn't make, my mum bought it yesterday. Its a traditional Pakistani pickle called achaar. Its so delicious and smells mouth water, shame its so unhealthy.  It contains carrots, lasura, mango and chilli.

Yesterday I made Ladies Fingers (Okra) and today we had Chicken Keema with Potatoes.

Have you had some nice meals lately?


  1. Food food everywhere in front of my and not a bit to

  2. I love acar. In Malaysia, we have the famous Nyonya acar which is really similar to yours! Here's a website which shows how it is made. It's the most authentic one I could find. I wonder whether is it similar to yours?

    1. Thanks for sharing that Bree as I haven't seen it before. This Achaar is different as its cut/salted/spiced and then left to rest in mustard oil mostly (can use other oils too). It needs to be placed in sunlight or near a heater. I'll have to ask my brother in law if he ever had it in Malaysia because he lived there for 5 years.

  3. ooooooh! I would so much try some of your chick pea and potato rice! It really must be yummy! :)

    1. It is really nice compared to meaty rice as that can end up really dry. I guess I can share that recipe first for you to try and make.


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