Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Paper Muses.....

A card made by my niece for me, it was great waking up to this.Her message to me
My sister is currently making Good Luck cards for the children she has worked with that are leaving this year after their exams. She was complaining that my niece will be happily playing and the minute she would take her things out she'd tell her she has finished and wanders over to investigate what she's doing. So I guess to keep her entertained she encouraged her to make a card for me which I got on Monday morning with a lovely message on the back. The little bunnies remind me of her as she gallops, skips and glides around where ever we are walking and people stop to look at her.
UntitledI bought someone at work a wreck this journal 1.5 weeks ago and still don't have it! Made the card from images I've seen, one word, colour outside the lines, holes, circles
The wreck this journal finally arrived and I was surprised by the size at first as I imagined it to be a little bit bigger then it was but also some of the things in it were quite childish. I'd bought it as a gift and was in 2 minds in giving it as that person might wonder if I was insane or something. In the end I decided I'll ask her to have a look at it and decide whether she wanted it. I'm so glad I did as the reaction was exactly what I'd hoped it would be. I had the card at home just in case she didn't want the book so I'll give that tomorrow.

From what I'd seen on the Internet I created this insane, wrecked card.... use one word continuously (I know that's 2....), make holes in your page, fill a page with circles, colour outside the lines, rip this page..... I kind of forgot the card needed to stand up when getting over excited ripping it, it would have been better doing it along the sides.

I would still like one for the silliness of it.

I also bought a little present for me too....
I mentioned a while back that I wanted some collage pieces for my next project and I really struggled to find what I wanted until I came across the pack thats in the 3rd image. I had it in my basket for a week as I wasn't sure what exactly it contained but I'm glad I did buy it as I love it. The thing that I don't understand is that these images are on the inside of the card and not one seller took a photograph of it to make it easir to shop. I definately wouldn't have bought the 5th photographed one as I'm not into words but it would have meant that I'd have bought something else. I've ended up with a flower overload when I wanted something neutral but its ok as I really like everything and can't wait to use them in some way. I'd really recommended these K&Co packs. I've already created something using the old fashioned bicycle.

What kind of styles are you into?
As you will have noticed mine is more ecentric/vintage with the odd floral and cutesy things.


  1. i like things that are different

  2. You know what sucks when you are writing a comment and somehow manage to close the page and don't know how you did it, that just happened to me so I had to come back and start

    Ok I was saying your sister should know that children want to do what we do so if she is doing something crafty she should let her daughter do the same thing so getting her to make you a card was a great idea......

    Like the look of the wreck this journal......
    but doens't it suck when we buy something online and when it arrives it doesn't look how we thought it would............


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