Thursday, June 14, 2012

Born in the 80s

Another childhood favourite, sweet memories
Are you like me and often feel a little nostalgic about the decade/time you were born? I was born in 1981 so was lucky to appreciate a lot of what was on offer in that decade. I sometimes feel sad that my children won't have that simple fun life as its all technology, health and safety and looking the part!

What I had in the 80s....

1. Four TV channels which really made you appreciate the time when you didn't know what was coming on, on TV and found something great child related. Saturday mornings you got up early just to watch children's TV as usually  during the week in the evening we had to learn to read the Qu'ran. The Spice Girls eventually launched a 5th channel but then suddenly everywhere sky, cable and satellite appeared with unlimited channels which meant that people like Disney copyrighted their stuff. This meant that you have to subscribe to their channels in order to watch your favourite Christmas classics (like Dumbo!).

2. Street Games were my favourite. If it was too dark or too late to go to the park we spent that time in the back alley playing with all the local children. It was so much fun but now a days none of the parents let their children out in case they wander off, someone takes them or they get run over as people have to park in front of their doors these days and it means them driving into the alleyway.

3. Sleep overs and spending hours at friends houses. I think partly not being able to tell the time until I was fairly old, the days always felt longer and I'd lose track of how long I'd been somewhere, I'm sure my friends parents hated me.

4. Our Commodore 64 which was brilliant, we had a computer but didn't spend a stupid amount of hours on it to be kept quiet (instead we were sent out!).The simple but fun games for some reason, Pacman, Space Invaders, Tennis......

5. Board Games, we had quite a variety and my sister would organise us all to play with her.

6.  Getting 10p pocket money, 50p to £1 at Eid which we loved as we could spend it. I was born after the shilling etc... was removed which was lucky as we could get 2 sweets for 1p etc... My eye balls almost roll out when I go to the shop at those sweets I spent 2p on are 20p.... there's no such thing as a penny sweet anymore.

7. People wrote letters, recorded cassettes to family, when someone went to Pakistan we started visiting them a month in advance as you weren't to know when you'll see them again but also to share all you wanted your family back home to be told as phone calls were expensive.... all of this is a thing of the past.

8. Walkmans which I miss a lot. When we should have been going to sleep we were instead listening to music on our Walkmans.... in those days it was Queen, Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Michael Jackson.....

9. The library bus

10. Spending hours at youth clubs in the holiday.

11. Not wearing a school uniform, going on trips locally walking or on public transport, home cooked food at parties, attending middle school (we no longer have one), eating what you like without having a discussion about healthy food.....

I could keep going but I'd better stop.

How have things changed for you?


  1. Times have definitely changed. I also remember the times when magazines were so cheap, as well as sweets. The MIckey Mouse magazine for example. I loved to record tapes from the radio. I had a commodore too, as well as a Super Nintendo which I still miss. I love that I am born in the 80ies.

    I will always Miss Michael Jackson. Always when his songs play in the radio I catch myself saying "awww, Michael"...

    remember the crazy 80s hairstyles and the clothes. Life was better back then...

    1. Times have moved on so much, I do like what we have now but we survived once without it and enjoyed it.

      Hairstyles were the perm! Clothes were ear muffs, shell suits, bermuda shorts.... quite shocking but eccentric :P

  2. I was born in 1980 too, and I remember huge recorders that we used to record our favourite songs from the radio. Walkmans were a bit harder, but going to bed with the radio blasting through our pillows was just normal. To this day I still cannot sleep if it is too quiet!
    Being first in line to buy THE new cassette, and magazines...gosh, what would we do without T.V.s?

    Following from Becca's Blog.

  3. I miss original Carebears, Strawberry Shortcake, and Rainbow Brite. Also shows like Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, Gummi Bears and the like.

    And things were just simpler then. Sigh.

    1. It's what I think as we had such great TV shows, some are good even now but like I said you have to pay for most of those children channels to get your child to watch them but even then its all re-runs to what's the point.

  4. This was a great post I could do something like this for the decade I was born in, oh how times have changed and not all for the better many of the changes are not that great........we have to worry about our children being outside playing now as there seems to be so much evil hanging around now days...........or maybe we are just more aware of it now days.......

    1. I think we're much aware of everything because of the way technology has advanced, we read more of whats happening in the world through the internet, text messages etc...


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