Sunday, May 6, 2012

Surprise Mail...

Snail mail
Yesterday after many weeks I went into the city which was so nice as I didn't have my sister with me. I mostly just wondered around so didn't buy much even though I saw a couple of bags that I liked so decided to think about it and go back later to buy  one of them if I decided I really liked them.

When I came home there was an envelope waiting for me and I had no idea at first who it was from especially since I wasn't expecting anything. It was from one of my friends surprising me with not one but two really cute letter sets and its not even my birthday or anything so that was really nice as well as a really nice postcard of France... lushes greenery makes me so jealous but best of all was the super duper long letter which I really enjoyed reading all curled up and snug... Isn't that Mickey Mouse and Co stationery just the cutest? I very rarely show my letters but I just had to with this one.

Have you received any nice mail lately or Any nice surprises?


  1. Lucky you isn't it great when we get something unexpected........who doesn't like Mickey Mouse and Company.........

  2. It was nice to get something so unexpected and I can't wait to use them.

  3. hey there :) i just randomwly saw your blog through a couple of penpalling ones and i was wondering if youre looking for any new pen pals? :) i can send you an email if you like with some more info? :)

  4. I would love some in the UK but its hard to tell if we'll have much in common this way.

  5. thats why i said i could send you an email, with more information about me :D ive sent it now :)

  6. thats odd :S i sent it to the address on your *contact me* page.

    1. it ended up in the junk mail, its because for this e-mail address it comes straight to my phone so I get it the minute you send it.


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