Monday, May 7, 2012

My week in Photos

Some photos from my week....
As well as taking part in the photo challenge I'm taking part in a journal challenge with Sabrina and I'm having quite a lot of fun with it but I won't share that until I finish the photo challenge.
Making time to wrap a couple of presents as I had everything at home I just was too lazy to do anything with it all.
My niece and I relaxing watching TV after spending most of the week colouring... Isn't my mum's carpet ghastly? I hate such over the top floral things as they make my eyes go funny but with having a cat it masks all the hairs...
Don't you think she's great for a 3 year old? I just get fed up of asking her to change colours and black is only allowed to be used on the rare occasion otherwise its the only colour she picks. I had to buy a new pack of felt tips as these had more or less run out with having used them so much.
My melody
I went into the city as I needed to go to the bank and I always go into WHSmiths when there. I spotted all these My Melody goodies which I loved but they never have any letter sets or pads.

How was your weekend?
Mine is an extra long one with having today off and I just want to relax...


  1. what a lovely week in photos i love to color still it's my favorite thing to do and my weekend was exciting and fun

    1. I quite enjoyed it but towards the end I was just so fed up with it as we'd done it everyday and a couple of pages each time that its been nice these few days to do something different.

  2. I love your niece's shoes and OMG I loooove love love the My Melody goodies! She's my favourite! I know how frustrating it is to find all those goodies but none of letter sets or pads. By the way, I'm curious of a journal challenge... I mean, what do you write in it? The happenings everyday, plus feeling as well? Do tell.

  3. They are cute I agree, she doesn't have many as they are quite expensive children's for the amount of wear they get out of them so my sister tends to buy 2 or 3 really nice ones. I've taken some more photos of items in that store but none of them have any letter sets or pads its so disappointing but good to look at.

    I'll post a link on your blog...

  4. Love those shoes and yes she is very talented if she is this good at 3yrs she can only get better as she gets older..........

  5. I'm glad you think she is Jo-Anne, she surprises me daily and I hope that my own will be just as aware of everything. Its now just getting her to change colours and to think about the colours of things but she's only barely 3 so I'm not going to push her into it, I think she'll notice herself.


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