Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A night out....

Going out tonight
At work there have been some whispers about someone celebrating their 35th birthday and I actually get along with that person on an ok level so was a bit surprised that I wasn't asked. Come this morning, I did get an invite as she just didn't have the opportunity to ask me on my own which is true as I hardly see anyone at work as you just end up stuck in your classes all day.
We went to Nando's. I've never been before so was quite curious as I'd heard that their food is really good but expensive. The figure in the middle is someone from work and walking up she looked like a black silhouette so I assumed it was a statue. I was then so focused on taking this photo I walked past her and she couldn't understand why I didn't see her.
They pre booked a space for us but it was horrible in the sense that where we were sitting  we ended up split in to 4 groups and couldn't talk to anyone. Everyone there was someone I didn't mind talking to so that was a shame. Otherwise the actual spot wasn't that bad and we were sat near these hanging baskets (and the toliets!)
I ordered chips and a Vege Burger even though its a meaty joint but I'm used to the fillet burgers we've had in the past as a take away and they are just so fat and chompy that I don't like them. I didn't want to end up spending £10 on something I didn't like. I still can't believe how expensive it is as this cost me £9.40! For the first time in my life I think I will suffer from heartburn because even though I asked for medium spices I'm sure they gave me a hot one as I felt it stick to my insides straight away. I didn't have a dessert as I think I spent enough on my main meal but I would have loved to have tried their Gelato as I've read about it on a lot of your blogs but never tried the almost original thing.
Hollywood bowls
On my way back to the car and its raining, we didn't want rain as we're taking the children to the park tomorrow.

I should be going out again to celebrate a 50th Birthday in my holidays so I'll have to see what's decided then as it will probably just be 3 of us.

Have you been out for a nice meal lately?


  1. £9.40 does sounds expensive for a burger! I love Nandos but haven't been in ages. When I go though me and the other half share one of the platters and that doesn't work out as expensive :)Katie xx

    1. Well with having not been before I have to admit I didn't know what to expect and actually had thought though that they would take our orders rather then us having to form a huge queue to get it. It meant that half the people had finished before some of us got our meals. If I'd gone again I would have got a shared platter but since a lot of people got food poisoning last night I don't think I will go again.

    2. Oh dear, yeah I think that would put me off too!

    3. It was awful for those people that got food poisoning one lady had to go back home from work as she couldn't even stand up straight. I've never had it so can't imagine what it must have been like for all of them.


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