Thursday, May 17, 2012

Make A Wish....

and blow....

1. To have more of an idea of what I'd love to do with my life as I can't imagine working in a school for the next 35/37 years. Doesn't it seem scary writing that but I know I'll blink and those years will be upon me as it only feels like yesterday I was 21.

2.To get a house soon so that I can move my life into some direction. I'm not silly that I think everything will fall into place if I buy a house as it could be pretty much the same but at least I'll know more of what my options are and what I can afford.

3. A decent car. Mine is working fine at the moment but I've had some scary moments with it and I know not everything is 100% ok. I've asked my husband to sell it and get me either the same car again or the same brand of car (a skoda) but he's a typical male who thinks he knows best.

4. More hobby time. I have so many ideas of crafty things I want to try, things I want to make but there never seem to be many hours in a day. To take on more friends to write to rather then reduce them as theres nothing better then receiving some great mail from a fantastic friends.

5. A holiday. I'm just so exhausted all the time and would love a change of scenery for a bit. I have lately been craving to go to Pakistan but there is no way I'll get to relax at all whilst there as I have a sister in law still living at home whose a pain in the side.

6.Better health as there is always something wrong with me, usually a cold and exhaustion but lately I've been suffering from the most hideous migarines and I've never had them before so don't know how to deal with it.

If you could have any wish what would it be?


  1. I agree on everything you wrote (minus the car ;))
    It is so important to know in which direction you are going and I wish so much, that you get that house you dream of. I do believe that things will fall into place once you have it.

  2. Well you've only just got a new car so that understandable but maybe a brand new car would be great!? Thats true but its been so long that saying that positive doesn't come so easy anymore. I've been waiting to read more about your new house purchase.

    1. I got a brand new car, the first new car I ever own and it is a great one, I love my kia very much :)
      I can imagine how frustrating it gets with the time :/ I wonder what makes it so hard to find a great house for you :/ have you been at some showings lately?!
      We signed the contract. We can have the house as soon as we get our flat sold and I hope that is soon. I have pictures on Instagram :) I need to update my blog tomorrow... been so busy :(

  3. to have enough money to never worry about bills and to travel.

    to see my son grow up

    to be happy

    1. Becca, those are lovely ones and I hope it is always like that.

    2. Becca, I hope that things will always be like that and that you get to see your son grow up.


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